Did you know that your favorite color and chakras are connected?

Each one of us in this world has a favorite color. From the time, we are toddlers to the time we are teens and even to the time, we become adults and then old people, we have had certain affinity for few hues more than others. The concept of having a favorite color almost looks like a normal part of life. From the slam books we filled to the usual chitchat sessions we have to break the ice with a stranger, asking and knowing about the favorite color is almost common to all cultures and places. But then, have you ever wondered if this has a greater meaning to it? Well, for starters we have barely imagined how a favorite color could mean anything more than mere small talk. Then again, think twice since you may not know that your favorite color can say a lot about your chakras.


1 Colors influence our life

Colors are said to have an immense effect upon us. The means by which colors affect the behavioral patterns in human beings in terms of the mood or mind, is surprising. Color psychology is actually a domain of study that helps in understanding how the spectrum of visible colors can affect the human personality. However, sadly enough, all findings that the studies have arrived at are used for the niches of fashion, branding and marketing. The main use for the field of study can actually be further wide pronged. Find out if and what your favorite color says about your chakras.

Colors influence our life

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2 Red, Brown, Gray And Black

These hues basically represent the base chakra of a person. This base chakra helps you to connect with the world and also connects you with your basic fears that lie hidden. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn sun signs have a tendency to be attracted to these colors. It is believed that those who are especially attracted to these hues are trying to hide their inner pains by flaunting a tough nut exterior.

Red, Brown, Gray And Black

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3 Green

Green, as a favorite color, is significant of people who could be geniuses. It is a pick for Libra, Aquarius and Gemini sun signs. The favorite color green is linked to heart chakra. This, in turn, is considered a gateway to the other chakras that are linked to understanding or inner strength.


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4 Blue

If you have your favorite color as blue, then you could have superb skills for communication. You also are empathetic and enjoy listening to others. Blue is related to throat chakra and is representative of house of choice and will power.


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5 Yellow

This is a calming color and is the hue for solar plexus chakra. This color is linked to personal power, energy and also the need to always feed the body or spirit. This option has been a favorite color for Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.


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6 Orange

This is called the be-all color for the concept of sacral chakra. It is representative of all relationships, money, sexuality and creativity. Generally, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces sun signs are attracted to the colors. Those who are on the lookout for orange shades are said to be creative and also have a tendency for having a good intimate life. They are also said to be very humble, adventurous and have a hunger to horde new information.


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7 Purple

The favorite color pick of purple is significant of the chakra for the third eye. This is related to truth recognition, divine wisdom as well as intuition. Purple lovers are said to be spiritually capable, experienced in terms of life as well as intuitive.

Now that you know about the link between your favorite color and the chakras, you will surely understand how deep set every choice can be.


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