Did you know about these 10 most incredible powers from rare genetic mutations?


If you thought the X -Men was just a fantasy on celluloid, then think again. We have real life X-Men living amongst us. Yes! Genetic mutations do exist in humans and the uncanny fact about it is that they too have some incredible powers. Through real life examples, science has proven that genetic variations in humans can lead to the development of remarkable qualities. Here is a list of the ten most amazing powers of genetic mutations found in gifted humans.

1 Immunity to Malaria

There are people who actually possess a natural immunity to Malaria. However this comes at a price. Such people are either carriers or patients of the deadly disease, sickle cell anemia.

Malaria is a widespread killer disease killing approximately 600,000 people a year worldwide. Transported through mosquitoes, it attacks red blood cells for reproduction. While common malaria causes a course of flu like symptoms, the advanced stage of the disease can be fatal.


Sickle cell anemia results from abnormal red blood cells without the natural capacity to transport oxygen. However, it is this very genetic mutation which confuses a malarial parasite’s ability for penetration. Carriers of sickle cell anemia inherit just one gene from their parents in which case the disease is not fatal. At least 40% of people are sickle cell carriers and hence resistant to malaria.

Immunity to Malaria

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2 Immunity to Bad Cholesterol or LDL

There are a happy few who possess a genetic mutation which reduces the gene called PCKS9 in their bodies. The significance of such a mutation is that PCKS9 increases bad cholesterol or LDL.

LDL contains plaque which clogs arteries and obstructs blood flow to the heart. The advantages of such a mutation means such people can eat all the burgers and fries they want without worrying about cholesterol.

Immunity to Bad Cholesterol or LDL

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