Use this simple trick to make detox foot pads for removing dangerous toxins from the body

We eat lots of things throughout the day and most of the things are not pure or cleaned properly. Even if care has been taken to wash and clean the food we eat, there are still vices that we all have that fill our body with toxins. These toxins pollute the blood and other body organs and our body has to work hard and round the clock in order to filter those toxins out of the body in the form of urine or sweat.

But we bring to you a simple trick that can bring out those toxins out of your body all the while you sleep. All you have to do is make these brilliant detox foot pads, which can be done easily at home and stick them to your feet and sleep off.

1 Toxins collected in the body

Toxins are byproducts left behind by the body processes like digestion and blood cleansing and other such processes. They can be anything from small molecules, peptides to proteins that have potential to cause harm to the body. They are the products left, after the chemical reactions and filtering process in the body are finished. Also, toxins can be externally ingested things such as caffeine, alcohol and too much sugar or salt can also be categorized as toxic as they have potential to cause harm to the body.

Toxins collected in the body

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