Detect heart problems early with the new touchless device

Every year, countless men and women become prey to heart problems and diseases. These develop over a period of several years. The final stage could actually be fatal. That is the reason why most humans fear a stroke or a heart attack. After the first attack or stroke, the life of the individual is already under threat. The doctors can do little to extend the life of the individual but cannot actually find a cure to the problem. On the contrary, if the problem or its cause is detected early, there could be ways to avert the problem.


1 General Background of Heart Diseases

Heart disease has remained the cause of early disability and death in most of the major developed nations of the west. Slowly, the trend is also catching up in the developing nations and the number of deaths due to heart problems is on the rise.

Most of the effects of major heart related health problems show their signs in the middle ages and later ages. In the US alone, 787,000 people were killed by heart disease in the year 2011 alone. Each year, roughly 727,000 people suffer from heart attacks in the US. In the year 2011, about 326,200 people experienced cardiac arrests out of the hospital in the US. Heart disease alone costs the US Government $320.1 billion in the form of medical expenditure and lost productivity. It is also revealed that 90% of the women in the US have one or more chances of developing a heart related health problem.

General Background of Heart Diseases

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2 How the Device Ensures Early Detection?

The Canadian University researchers have come up with a new touchless device that can ensure early detection of some of the vital signs of heart problems that ensure greater independence to older adults. The Coded Hemodynamic Imaging Technology is yet to get its patent. The researchers at the University of Waterloo developed this unique device that simultaneously monitors the patient’s blood flow at multiple arterial points. This is achieved without direct contact with the skin.

How the Device Ensures Early Detection?

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3 What the Experts Say?

A systems design engineer at Waterloo, Robert Amerald, believes that unlike traditional systems that took blood pulse reading at one spot, this device acts like many virtual sensors. It helps to measure the behaviors of blood flow at many parts of the body. The device then replays the measurements from these multiple pulse points to a computer device for continuous monitoring.


Alexander Wong, a professor in the Faculty of Engineering, states that this device helps to detect arterial blockages with greater competence so that the right action may be taken. He further adds that since the device can scan several patients from a distance at once, it will prove helpful in mass emergency scenarios and long term care at homes.

What the Experts Say?

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The device is the first portable device to monitor blood flow at multiple points without actual contact. The device can be particularly useful in case of patients, who have heavy burns or highly contagious diseases. It is also useful in case of infants under neonatal care.

4 How can Early Detection of Heart Problems Help?

The importance of this unique device further increases when we understand the major benefits associated with early detection of heart related health problems. Here. We have listed some of the major benefits:

  • Many of the heart problems can be averted if they are detected early.
  • The buildup of cholesterol plaques in the main blood stream leads to problems like stroke and heart attack. This problem, referred to as the atherosclerosis, can be averted if detected early, thus avoiding the possibility of serious heart related health problems.
How can Early Detection of Heart Problems Help?

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  • The earliest signs of heart related problems can be detected in teenage or the middle age. The changes in lining of blood can actually indicate a heart related health problem.
  • When the chance of a heart problem is detected early, the doctors can prescribe diet and lifestyle changes to prevent worsening of the condition.

Early detection is thus a great way, through which many of the heart related health problems can completely be averted.


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