Depression and being sad are two different states. Learn about the differences between the two!


In our life, we often meet people who are suffering from depression. These people always thought that they were just sad. Sometimes, we come across people who are just sad and fear that they might get depressed.

As depression is often linked with a feeling of sadness, judging the difference between both is very difficult for a common person. This confusion can often lead to commotion and a serious condition like depression could end up being ignored. Take a look at the differences between the two.

1 Sadness

You must understand the fact that sadness is a normal emotion that humans will have at a point. Almost all of us have experienced it and are likely to have another bout of sadness in life soon enough. There are numerous factors which might trigger sadness with the most common being facing any disappointing scenario in life or meeting any unfortunate accident or being witness to any incident.


Sadness often comes when we feel sad about an incident or any particular happening in our life. When the scenario changes and we are able to overcome the hurt feeling, the sadness too fades away from our life.


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2 Depression

Depression on the other hand is an abnormal emotional state or a mental illness that has effect on our thinking and behaviours. During the phase, in which a person is depressed, he or she will feel sad about everything around them. The trigger for the same is not necessarily any particular event or happening.

Many of you will be surprised to know that a depressing scenario develops in absence of any of the triggering factor even. Though people might admit to be fine in such a scenario, in reality, they are under mental stress and this keeps on making them feeling low.


All aspects of life get disturbed when a depressing scenario develops in any person’s life. This phase snaps the energy and makes the person disoriented towards his life and all the events that might be happening around him.

Such people become impatient and react in an unusual manner to any happening around them. They all take longer to get over any situation and bounce back to their normal self.


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