9 Easy Daytime Moves to Reduce Weight and Make You Look Younger

When you have a lot of work during the day you cannot possibly make time to do a series of exercises. But little do you know that exercises can make you look younger too. Whenever you get some free time you can do some small things or actions that could help in keeping your body fit and maintain a younger look. Exercising stimulates body parts and improves blood circulation, one of the main factors to keep your skin and body healthy. Here are 9 simple actions that you can do that will help you achieve this:


1Forehead Massages for wrinkles

Forehead massages are great for reducing wrinkles on your forehead area. All you need to do is massage your forehead in circular movements. This can be done by placing your elbows down on the desk and then turning your palms towards your forehead so that you can rest your forehead on the bottom of your palms while relaxing the neck.

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How to do it

Proceed to perform the circular movements with your palms, pressing just a little all the while massaging. Keep moving your palms from your eyebrows till your hairline and repeat the movements to cover your forehead entire surface. Remember to only move from the eyebrows to the hairline and not any other way. The best time to do this is during the day when you decide to take a short break from working.

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2Clenching your fists to keep hands and veins healthy

Clenching your fists helps in keeping your veins healthy and increasing vessel elasticity. This exercise is best done several times during the day. This way, in time your veins will become less noticeable. All you need to do is keep clenching and unclenching your fists without relaxing the muscles 20 times at least, 3-4 times in a day.

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Vibro-gymnastics is great for improving the circulation of the lymph that helps in getting rid of excessive liquid in the body and swelling. It even improves the blood circulation and gives you a good fresh feeling in the morning. Vibro-gymnastics was designed by Alexander Alexandrovich Mikulin and are simple exercises to perform.

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How to do them

They are little jumps wherein you lift your heels off the ground not higher than 1 cm and then drop them back on the floor without too much force. Also, it would be best if you keep your teeth pressed together in order to minimize negative feeling that may be caused due to the vibrations in your head. Keep doing this for around 100 times possibly without wearing any shoes. The best time to perform such exercises is in the morning or after you walk up the slope of a hill for a long time.

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