This is the latest trend in Migraine treatment and it is actually working


Migraine is one of the worst but most common afflictions affecting 29 million people in the US alone. The experience of a throbbing headache isn’t just painful; it can be extremely stressful as well. Migraines aren’t easy to treat as there could be several reasons that cause them. Moreover doctors prescribe migraine medication that can also have side effects.

The latest alternative remedy for migraine is daith piercing. Unlike a regular ear piercing, this is done through the cartilage of the inner ear. Although no research or studies exist to prove that it works, still this is the current trend to which several hundred people on social media swear by as it has actually worked for them.


1 Works on the principles of accupuncture

Daith piercing needs to be done by a trained professional and never attempted by anyone at home. Moreover, if you suffer from migraines, you should consult your doctor first before trying any alternate remedy. The piercing also requires medical care for healing. Professionals who deal in alternate remedies advocate daith piercing which works on the same lines as acupuncture.

Acupuncture works through stimulation of nerves which lie under the skin and in muscle tissue. The method then causes the body to release pain relieving endorphins that reduce the intensity of migraine pain.

Daith piercing

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