Crystal healing for wellness – Find out which one is suitable for you


Even for those who do not believe in crystal healing, you can still go ahead and read this article on how the chemical properties in a variety of crystals can give you healing energy. Everything in universe is energy. When you hold a crystal in your hands, you will either feel cool or hot rays emit from these crystal gems. Depending upon the kind of energy you need, you will need to choose a crystal and an expert or a professional can only guide you in this. However, to get started, here are a few tips on what kind of crystals to select for different ailments.

1 Make use of Crystals to provide Emotional and mental comfort

Are you a worry wort? Have constant mental tensions and are preoccupied with stressful and negative thinking pattern? Then you will need lapis lazuli, amethyst, or rose quartz. They have healing properties and are used to remove mental stress. If you have a sleeping disorder, then you can use labradorite, smoky quartz, or tourmaline. When you just place these charged crystals next to your bed, then you will feel the peaceful energy around you.

lapis lazuli

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