Control these 4 hormones to fix your weight problems


Some people consider that obesity is initiated by eating too much and working out too little. It has been rooted in our minds that problems about weight have to do mainly with exercising practices and calorie intake.

But new studies disclose that being weighty is often related to our hormones acting up. It turns out that there are well demarcated biological mechanisms that can explain how the foods we consume disturb s the function of our hormones and makes us accumulate weight.

Here are some of the causes you can’t seem to lose those additional pounds and how to fix them.


1 Thyroid

Thyroid hormone is produced by the thyroid gland present in the neck. If its secretion gets even a little disturbed, it can add to our weight gain.

People with an underactive thyroid have tremendously low metabolic speed. The metabolism will carry on slowing irrespective of whether you cut the amount of calories you eat. If you are feeling this problem, it is best to contact a medical consultant who may recommend you useful supplements to help reverse these ill effects.


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2 Leptin

Leptin is another hormone notorious for causing weight problems. Leptin is often released while eating as an indication to your brain that you are full and to stop eating.


However, in cases when you consume too much fructose sugar, which is present in fruits and processed foods, your body, alters that sugar into fats. When high quantities of fats are present in the body, leptin levels rise and the hormone fails to do its work as intended. Therefore, your brain does not record when it is full and you continue to eat.

To avoid it, try not to surpass your suggested five servings of fruits, and eat less processed foods, to control the level of Leptin.


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