15 Most Common Fitness Tips That Are Doing More Harm To You Than Good

11Myth: Running a marathon is the ideal way to get fit

TRUTH: Seriously, can everybody run a marathon? Even if you run a distance of under five miles, you gain several fitness benefits for your body. In fact, running fast and hard for just 10 minutes daily will give you the same results as running a marathon. In fact, this is based on HIIT (High-Intensity Interval training) which breaks the monotony of simply running and creates different forms of high-intensity activity for ten minutes. Even after rest, you will still be burning calories. Studies have found that those who run regularly for under an hour a week get the same benefit as those who run more than three hours each week.

Running a marathon

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12The best way to monitor what you eat is to keep a food diary

The moment people do anything to become more conscious of what you are eating and your activity, they tend to give themselves more credit than what they deserve. By keeping a diary, people overestimate their physical activity and underestimate the amount of food they eat. A diary gives you the feeling that you have worked out more and eaten less. It is best to stick to your routine as a regular part of your daily life without writing about it unless you are a sportsman that needs to abide by diet protocols for achieving certain weights.

The best way to monitor what you eat

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13Myth: The best way to rehydrate after exercising is a sports drink

TRUTH: That red bull you think is a sports drink may be doing you more harm than good. Sports drinks are laced with sugar and synthetic ingredients. Water with a high protein snack or a sugar-free protein shake with natural ingredients is the best post workout drink or nourishment. Protein reconditions your muscles after a workout. But, since many protein powders are not regulated it is best to rely on a protein snack.


The best way to rehydrate

14Myth: Your body mass index is the best way to size up your overall health

TRUTH: BMI measurements are outdated. They are not a reliable way of measuring your health. A person with a higher BMI may have a healthier cardiac and health profile than a person with low BMI. Your waistline measurement is a more accurate way of assessing your health. Waistline and belly fat is a better indicator of being underweight or overweight. It is also linked to heart health and the risk of diabetes as well as cognitive function.

BMI measurements

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15Myth: You have to sweat for your exercise to count

TRUTH: On a cool day you can briskly walk for 6 km and still not sweat much. That doesn’t mean your walk has been futile. You don’t have to do a hard workout like kickboxing to make your workout count. All physical activity is good. Even your regular housework can be regarded as a workout. Whatever activity makes you move around and breathe irrespective of the type of activity, has benefits for the body and brain. Studies have proved that those who exercised for roughly 30 minutes a day decreased their risk of the demise of any causes in comparison to those who didn’t. The bottom line is that for good health and to live longer, you must be physically active and eat healthily rather than live a sedentary lifestyle and eat junk.

Sweat for your exercise to count

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