10 Things About The Common Cold And Flu We Should All Stop Believing

The cold breeze, ACs, and low temperatures are usually blamed for giving you a cold. People earlier believed that it is not possible to suffer from a common cold if you have already had it once in one particular season. Antibiotics are taken by some people so as to prevent their cold to proceed towards flu. But these are facts without basis and not valid where the flu is concerned. Here are some unbelievable common colds and flu facts which are more myth-like and we should totally stop believing in them.


1 Myth 1: A cold can turn into the flu

Two completely different viruses cause the common cold and flu, so it is pretty obvious that one disease can’t transform into the other. The early stage of these ailments can usually cause many misconceptions among people. Below are some points which will help you differentiate between these two diseases.

Cold can turn into the flu

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The difference between cold and flu

A runny nose, headache, sore throat and a fever are usually the initial stages of a cold that will set in within 3-5 days. By this time a person will feel that he is catching a cold. While for the flu, the early stages begin with a headache, fever, soreness and muscle aches. These start almost immediately.

Common cold wouldn’t make your body temperature rise, and if it does happen, there will be only a small difference whereas, in flu, your body temperature jumps to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, It is very rare to sneeze if you’re suffering from flu as it is a symptom of a common cold.

Runny nose

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2Myth 2: You can treat a cold with antibiotics

The structure of a virus differs from a bacterial illness, thus antibiotics are helpless in such situations. As a matter of fact, your condition can worsen if you consume antibiotics for cold as the virus will continue spreading and the symptoms won’t go away.


Unnecessary Consumption of antibiotics should be prevented at all costs because it can lead to disaster. Your immune system will get weakened and will provide a suitable condition for your virus to thrive. The antibiotics can also decrease the effectiveness of medicine as the bacteria can react with the antibiotics, adapting to the effect of the medicines and survive.

Treat cold with antibiotics

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3Myth 3: You may not treat a cold

According to the rules, the limit of common cold symptoms remains for 3 days. If you’re suffering from common cold, you should never ignore your symptoms as they can lead to many other problems which will last for more than 3-4 weeks. In case of emergency, if you are experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing call an ambulance immediately. When you have a bad case of the cold, its best to see your doctor for suitable treatment.

Common cold symptoms

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4Myth 4: You shouldn’t take sick leave if you get a cold

After feeling unwell, certain situations can interfere with your work. Some people believe that the more we work, the faster the cold will go away. In fact, the process of recovery will be even slower. It is always advisable to stay home and rest for a couple of days and then return to work. One more reason for you to stay at home is that you can infect other healthy people so that makes you contagious.

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