14 Pieces Of Clothing That Can Be Very Harmful If A Person Wears Them Daily

Fashion experts are of the opinion that a person should wear only those clothes in which he feels comfortable but there are many people who change their dressing style as per the changes that come in the fashion trends. There is no harm in following the fashion trends as everyone loves to look beautiful, trendy and well-groomed but there is no doubt that first priority of a person should be health. You may be surprised to know but the truth is that there are many clothing items which are worn by people nowadays and they are very harmful for their health. Here is a list of some of those clothing items:


1Shoes that have flat soles

If you are habitual of wearing shoes with flat soles then let us tell you that they are very harmful for your health as the burden of weight on your foot will not be equal or balanced. While walking there will be no shock absorption and it will further result in increase in the size of vessels and foot can turn flat in such a scenario.

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It can be really very unpleasant

This will not only lead to pain in foot but also in pain in back but what can be more troublesome is that it can also develop a condition in which foot can turn inside because of which knees and hips will be deformed.

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2Big handbags

A handbag is very important for a woman as she needs a lot of things to be with her whenever she goes out but a handbag which is constantly carried on shoulder can be pretty harmful as it causes pain in shoulder and spine. If a heavy handbag is carried for a long time, it can lead to muscle damage, scoliosis, osteochondrosis and blood vessels can also get blocked.

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3High heels

There is no doubt that wearing heels enhances the beauty of a woman to a great extent and makes her look glamorous as well but wearing high heels everyday could result in some serious diseases. It can lead to pain and swelling in leg, back and it also increases the chances of rounded spine and hernia.

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4Push-up bras

Push-up bras are of great use in increasing the beauty of a woman’s breast by artificially altering their shape but the pressure that they exert on the delicate tissues can even result in cancer. In simple words, staying natural is the best option that women have and even if, they wear push-up bras, it should not be done frequently.

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5Tight jeans

Wearing skin-tight jeans is the latest trend among youngsters but it does have its side effects. As far as men are concerned, wearing very tight jeans can reduce the sperm count and affect their fertility. The private parts of both men and women also get heat up due to wearing tight jeans which is absolutely not good for health.

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