Check out these 5 body parts if something is wrong with your body


People should always know what is going on with their bodies so they can live a healthy and great life. And it is not so hard, one just needs to pay attention to the signs your body is showing you and you can easily see there is something problematic.

Our body is well-oiled machinery that keeps working in order for us to live. Our body is interconnected and when something is wrong in our body, it sends a signal to another body part as a sign of discomfort.

1 Check your teeth

You can find many indicators if you keep a check on your teeth. The condition of your teeth and gums can tell you a lot about your body’s health. Any problems with your teeth can be connected to your stomach, gastrointestinal tract.


Bleeding from gums during brushing them can be cause of diabetes or gum disease. Gums may also bleed due to infections of many kinds.

Increase of sugar in the blood can also lead to gum diseases. Bacteria and micro-organisms in the mouth are also reason of getting gum diseases. Hence practice high level of oral hygiene in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

If you notice any cracks in your teeth, you might be experiencing gastric reflux disease. This disease is caused due to the stomach acid coming into oesophagus and that causes heartburn. Smokers can get oral cancer which stops the wounds in the mouth to fester.

One of the serious ailments to affect the mouth is osteoporosis. It occurs in women over 50 years old and it causes the bones to deteriorate slowly. Hence if your gums are shrinking and teeth becoming loose, you could have this same disease.


Bacteria and swelling in your mouth are connected to heart disease since everything in your mouth goes through you bloodstream. This cause blood clotting thickens the arteries and can cause you to have a heart attack.

Check your teeth

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