What changes you should bring to routine life for loosing weight?

Different researches indicate that overweight and obese people are less productive, miss more work and spend more on medical care than fit people. It has also been reported that overweight people spend more on prescription drugs than normal weight man. Also, obese people are at a risk of many diseases more than fit people.

Weight loss is not only about exercise and diet but also about lifestyle. So you can lose weight by bringing some changes to your routine life. Following are some changes which you can bring to your lifestyle to lose weight:


1 Move more

Every time you move you burn calories. If you do not have time for a workout, then move more, walk up stairs, cycle or walk for some distance, clean the house etc.

Walk more to loose weight

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2 Drink more water

Drinking plenty of water is good for a healthy body and weight loss. Water is thought to speed up metabolic rate so drinking plenty of water can burn calories. So drink more water.

Drink more water

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3 Eat more water based foods

Foods that have high water content have lower calories than other foods. So eat foods with high water content to take the nutrients needed and to reduce calorie intake.

foods that contain more water

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4 Skip sodas and other beverages

Most of the people obtain 20% of their calories from sodas, beverages, and smoothies which contain only calories. So skip sodas and other high-calorie beverages to reduce calorie intake.

Skip sodas and other beverages

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