Cell phone radiations can be severely destructive to our brain cells! Here’s why you should be wary.

When was the last time you checked Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook on your phone? The invariable answer will be a few minutes or even a few seconds for some. Imagining your life without a cell phone today is impossible. Depriving someone of his/her cell phone in current scenario is equivalent to a crime.


Within a decade, the number of cell phone users has shot up like crazy, (which, on a side note, means that if you own a cell tower lease, now’s the time to sell. So, click here to learn more about how to go about doing that to make a hefty profit), with approximately 5 billion subscribers all over the world today. During the recent years, the cell phone technology has gone under some vital changes and the network providers compete by offering cheaper call rates. This, ultimately, is giving rise to the number of hours a person spends on cell phones.

1 Cell phone radiation and its effect

Cell phone acted as a major contributor in the process of globalization, connecting the diversity of the planet. But no one had ever imagined that it can also have a darker side; a very hazardous side, in fact. Every minute that we spend on the phone chitchatting with our loved ones, is pushing us one step closer towards the deadly brain cancer. It’s time to start thinking about avoidance strategies like wearing EMF Clothing and holding our phones at a greater distance away from our face. The true impact of not doing so is lost on a great number of people still.


While we are engaged in a call, wave energy is emitted from our cell phones, called radio frequency wave. It is a form of an electromagnetic radiation in which exposure to it can lead to cancer and many other health issues.

Much research has been done till date; some of them supported this ugly fact of harmful cell phone radiation, while the others contradicted it. But in a recent study, it has been confirmed that prolonged exposure to cell phones can lead to brain and neck cancer. Let us look into the facts of cell phone radiations that can severely damage our brain cells.

Cell phone radiation and its effect

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2 How Does Cell Phone Work?

When a cell phone is in action, it sends a signal to the nearby cell towers in the form of RF (radiofrequency) waves. RF wave is a form of an electromagnetic wave that is lying in between the FM radio waves and microwaves.


RF waves are similar to other ionizing waves such as FM radio waves, visible light, microwaves, and heat. It does not have the capacity to directly penetrate the chemical bonds in DNA. However, if you stay exposed to it for a long time, then it may cause an issue. The main concern is that whenever we use a phone, it presses against the head that brings this cell phone radiation in direct contact with the tissues in the head. And any person can decipher that it means a huge damage to the brain cells.

How Does Cell Phone Work

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3 Potential Cancer Risk

By now, you are aware that whenever a person uses a cell phone, the dangerous radiofrequency waves are emitted from it. These waves are generated from the antenna that is incorporated in the cell phone.

According to its mechanism, the waves near the antenna are strongest but lose strength as they move further. So, it is simple to notice that the closer the phone is to the head, the greater risk you are at.


Moreover, the tissues that are closest to the antenna are at a higher risk. However, the effect may vary with the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of a cell phone.

Potential Cancer Risk

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4 What Studies Show

In 2009, some respected experts testified the link between the cell phone, rather, cell phone radiation and the deadly cancer. Dr. John Bucher said that with a prolonged exposure to RF waves, there are increasing chances of brain cancer.

According to him, children are at a greater risk than adults, as their skull configuration allows the penetration easily.


Another testimonial came from Dr. Siegal Sadetzki. According to him, he confronted many cases in which tumor appeared on the same side the cell phones were used. In 2011, the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) released a statement depicting cell phones as “possible human carcinogen.”

What Studies Show

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5 SAR of Cell Phones

The specific amount of radio frequency energy that your body absorbs from the antenna of the cell phone is considered as the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). Different phones have different SAR values. It is mandatory for all the cell phone makers to inform their maximum SAR value to their Federal Communications Commission.


According to the law, the cell phone companies are required to put the SAR values on their website so that the users can make a wise choice depending on it. It is advisable for the users to accomplish their list of requirements of phone features with SAR values.

SAR of Cell Phones

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6 Factors Affecting Radiation Exposure

Numerous factors can change the way your cell phone use affects you. The way you use the phone can increase as well as decrease the chances of getting into a trouble.


Firstly, how much time do you spend on the phone? If you are spending very less amount of time on the phone, then the chances of getting exposed to the RF is low; while those who are using it for longer hours are considered at a risk of brain cancer.

Secondly, the mode in which you use your phone also determines its effect on your body. If your phone is pressed very close against your head, then it is a point of concern. However, you do not have to worry if you are using headphones or the speaker mode.

Several other factors that are subject to concern are the model of the phone, distance from the tower, and traffic in the area, among many others.

Factors Affecting Radiation Exposure

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7 How to Lower the Exposure?

There are very simple ways to lower the exposure to radio frequency waves and prevent the harmful effect of cell phone radiation on you. With a slight shift in the pattern, you can save yourself from being the prey of cancer.

First off, the next time you plan to buy a phone, research well and go for a low SAR value. Remember, looks and features are not as important as your life.


Secondly, rather than using the headset, switch to speaker or hands-free mode. The farther you are from the cell phone, the lesser chances of you to be in direct contact with the harmful radiation.

Thirdly, if possible, opt for texting rather than calling. With so many options of staying connected available today, utilize the texting apps and diminish your calls.

Some of the countries like France, Canada, Israel, and Turkey have set guidelines for the proper use of cell phones along with limiting the age groups. It is time for the rest of the world to bind the making and usage of cell phones under proper guidelines.

How to Lower the Exposure

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