Cell phone radiations can be severely destructive to our brain cells! Here’s why you should be wary.

When was the last time you checked Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook on your phone? The invariable answer will be a few minutes or even a few seconds for some. Imagining your life without a cell phone today is impossible. Depriving someone of his/her cell phone in current scenario is equivalent to a crime.

Within a decade, the number of cell phone users has shot up like crazy, with approximately 5 billion subscribers all over the world today. During the recent years, the cell phone technology has gone under some vital changes and the network providers compete by offering cheaper call rates. This, ultimately, is giving rise to the number of hours a person spends on cell phones.

1 Cell phone radiation and its effect

Cell phone acted as a major contributor in the process of globalization, connecting the diversity of the planet. But no one had ever imagined that it can also have a darker side; a very hazardous side, in fact. Every minute that we spend on the phone chitchatting with our loved ones, is pushing us one step closer towards the deadly brain cancer.

While we are engaged in a call, wave energy is emitted from our cell phones, called radio frequency wave. It is a form of an electromagnetic radiation in which exposure to it can lead to cancer and many other health issues.


Much research has been done till date; some of them supported this ugly fact of harmful cell phone radiation, while the others contradicted it. But in a recent study, it has been confirmed that prolonged exposure to cell phones can lead to brain and neck cancer. Let us look into the facts of cell phone radiations that can severely damage our brain cells.

Cell phone radiation and its effect

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