10 Common Causes of Pelvic Pain in Men

Don’t be surprised, men also suffer from pelvic problems and UTI’s just like women although not frequently. However when it concerns pelvic pain, there could be a number of reasons, men could be affected and all are signs that you need an instant check-up by a doctor. Pelvic pain is usually experienced between the navel and the groin and could be the cause of anything from prostatitis to even a bladder e coli infection. Pelvic pain is also accompanied by other symptoms which is why treatments are different in each case.


1 Urinary tract infection (UTI)

UTI (urinary tract infection) in men may cause a burning sensation during urinating or soon after. The Bacterial infection affects the entire urinary tract which means your bladder, ureters, and possibly the kidneys. Not always is a bladder infection a kidney problem but if you don’t get it treated, it can affect the kidneys too sooner or later. UTI’s are usually treated successfully with antibiotics. People suffering with a UTI could consider using products with d-mannose in to naturally maintain urinary health.

Urinary tract infection

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Other symptoms of UTI

While burning sensation while urinating is the main symptom, here are other symptoms that could occur.

  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • The urge to urinate frequently
  • Color and odor changes in urine
  • Fever or even chills
  • Pain in the bladder
Symptoms of UTI

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2STI or infection transmitted from physical relations like STD

These include chlamydia, and gonorrhea which can cause pelvic pain. According to the CDC (center for disease prevention), almost 2.86 million cases of Chlamydia exist in the US annually. The symptoms of STI’s include:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Penile discharges
  • Urethral inflammation
STI or infection transmitted from physical relations

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Chlamydia may also infect other parts of the body

Chlamydia can also affect the rectum creating pain sensations there as well. It has been found that bacteria that cause Chlamydia can also cause the condition of lymphogranuloma. The CDC also states that the condition can also cause severe pelvic pain which may be difficult to treat. Different versions of the Chlamydia bacteria can also cause a condition called Lymphogranuloma Venerum which will cause pelvic pain that could be difficult to treat. It can also lead to proctitis or anal inflammation in men who share relations with men. Gonorrhea affects 820,000 people every year and can cause symptoms like penile discharge and pain. It also causes anal discharge and bowels could be painful.

Chlamydia may also infect other parts of the body

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