12 Causes of Hand Numbness Where You Need To See a Doctor Immediately

9Cervical degenerative disc disease

This is a sort of a condition in which the cushioning discs of our body start to wear and tear with the symptoms appear as early as in the 20s! the patient experiences neck pain, discomfort, and numbness which spreads to the arms and hands, if this condition is seriously affecting your way of life and functioning then it’s about time you consult a doctor who can judge the seriousness of the problem and advise you a non surgical treatment or if it’s too serious than surgery would be the only answer.

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When our immune system starts attacking our own organs it’s called an autoimmune disorder. One such autoimmune disease is lupus. This condition can affect any part of the body and you can start experiencing numbness there. The most deadly part of lupus is it might attack our vitals such as kidneys, heart, liver, lungs or even our brain. But the good news is if there is correct and prompt diagnosis it can be controlled and eliminated from the system.

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11Peripheral neuropathy

This is a result of peripheral nerve damage that often causes numbness, weakness, and pain, in your hands and feet. Other areas of your body may also be affected. Peripheral neuropathy can result from infections, metabolic problems, inherited causes traumatic injuries and exposure to toxins. Diabetes mellitus is also one of the causes of peripheral neuropathy. Medication is necessary after diagnosis.

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12Ulnar nerve compression

This is a common entrapment of a nerve that can also cause nerve pain in the upper body. The ulnar nerve is located near the inner part of the elbow and compression of it can cause numbness in hands. The syndrome is called cubital tunnel syndrome.

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