12 Causes of Hand Numbness Where You Need To See a Doctor Immediately

5Raynaud’s disease

If you are suffering from Raynaud’s disease than you’ll notice cold sensitivity on your arm or fingers and they would be pale as a death cap mushroom. This condition is usually noticed in colder regions or in sharp winter months or under extreme stress. The pattern is usually like this, the patient turns pale or cold especially in the fingers of hands or toes and if not treated still than it would slowly turn blue and numb which might lead to gangrene which we all know leads to the dreaded amputation!

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6Diabetic neuropathy

As the name suggests this condition usually affects diabetics. The cause of this kind of neuropathy is the high amount of sugar in the blood which damages all the nerves of the body. This condition can have really scary effects such as limb loss which makes it absolutely crucial for being hyper-aware of any such symptoms and treat it as soon as you feel something is not right.

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This condition has very generalized symptoms such as widespread body pain and regular body exhaustion. People with this condition usually complain of numbness and the tingling sensation in their arms and hands. It’s usually chronic in nature as its cause has not been discovered as yet. Some experts have said it could be the amalgamation of psychological, physiological and neurological factors. Anyways, this debilitating problem can be dealt with physical therapy, psychological therapy and drugs therapy as well.

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8Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease which does not have an effective cure yet. It usually begins with numbness in the limbs and tingling sensations like so many other conditions that it’s very easy to confuse or ignore them. But it’s never quite OK to have numbness in your limbs anyways so get it checked by a doctor immediately. If it is accompanied by tremors and a lack of coordination, you might be a victim of this condition. There are treatments available which can manage this problem from progressing further and improve the overall quality of life.

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