12 Causes of Hand Numbness Where You Need To See a Doctor Immediately

Numbness in hands is a scary condition which can have many different health meanings, sometimes serious ones too. Although most of the time this condition can be treated easily in other cases they can be the harbingers of some deadly ailment which might be thriving in your body and is the sign for you to run for the doctor. Hand numbness can be a sign of joint problems or it could also be a precursor to a stroke. One should never leave such problems unattended and seek medical advice immediately.



In such a case, hand numbness is an alarm bell for you to run for the emergency ward of a hospital without wasting any time. Stroke can attack anyone at any age and any time so please if you suddenly feel lightness or numbness on any side of your body or face just call the medical emergency ambulance immediately. The faster the stroke is handled it’s easier to avoid any sort of paralysis or brain damage of any sort. So time is of the essence here.

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2Carpal tunnel syndrome

This is a condition which usually occurs when one major muscle or nerve of the hand is squeezed or compressed for a period of time. This condition can have several other symptoms apart from numbness like pain, weakness to lift or move the arm, tingling sensation or a burning feeling. Usually, the late diagnosis of this problem may lead to surgery but it can be cured if detected earlier.

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3Lyme disease

Lyme disease is caused when bitten by infected ticks of which there are 30000 reported cases in the U.S alone. It has a wide range of symptoms which can be confused with many different health conditions such as fever and rashes. The numbness usually signifies the second stage of the condition and it’s high time you get treated for it as it can quickly progress to your heart and brain area which might be deadly.

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4Thoracic outlet syndrome

This syndrome is usually the result of compression of the nerve or the blood vessels between the collar bone and the first rib. How is it possible?  It can occur if you have a job which includes carrying a heavy load on your hands or chest or due to repetitive hand movement like constantly pulling or pushing a lever or bars in a factory.

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Thoracic outlet syndrome affects females too

Females who have to deal with repetitive motions like washing, cleaning or scrubbing daily usually suffer the most. They usually start having problems with lifting any sort of weight, suffer acute shoulder or back pains and weakening of grip. Get this condition rectified as soon as possible as it may lead to a lengthy surgery if ignored.

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