What causes your acne to reappear at the same spot?

You keep on having a pimple on the same spot and it keeps on reappearing after it goes. Why is it so? Is it really a pimpleor is it acne that is infectious? If you keep on having a pimple that has no head, it is probably one of those infectious acnes that are known as cystic acne. Cystic acne is usually formed when the pores on yourskin are blocked and the sebum of your skin spreads out and takes a different route to enter into your skin. The oil gradually forms a balloon like shape that increases and decreases in the amount of oil that is produced by your body.


1 A tough form of acne to treat

Acne that keeps on coming back, time and again is difficult to treat.They actually keep on reappearing time and again and they change the whole structure of the skin. These kinds of acne usually appear below the nostrils, above the nose, on the forehead, on the chin and places which secrete more oil.The most difficult part is that, it cannot be cured by you. You either need to visit a dermatologist or you need to wait for it to disappear by itself. Sometimes a cyst also needs to be operated if it is really serious.

Acne that keeps on coming back

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2 A whitehead can also cause acne to reappear

Have you ever had a whitehead that you have been lured to pop.This is in fact bad for your skin as you are forcing out the juices from within the whitehead that may cause the infection to flare up.If you squeeze a whitehead, it may burst and may leave open a scar or a partial blockage and a white head may also reappear in the same place once again. This could also form another pimple.The best way to treat a white head is by washing your wash twice a day with a salicylic foaming face wash or with an antibiotic that comprises of Vitamin A in it.You can also try out a spot treatment to kill the infectious bacteria that may cause the infection to trigger.

whitehead acne to reappear

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3 Menstrual cycles can be blamed

Some women may get pimples or acne during their menstrual cycles.The menstrual cycle brings a hormonal change in the body, due to which there is a secretion of oil from the sebum skin layers. Sometimes excess oil causes pimples to appear and reappear time and again. You always need to wash your face with cold water whenever you feel that your skin is getting too oily.

Pimple on chin

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4 Do not touch your face repeatedly in the same place

There are times when you have a habit of touching your face on a regular basis while reading any email or talking to someone on the phone. You would then realize that you might get acne on the same place that you have touched over and over again. Touching your face repeatedly on the same area can push back the dirt and oil into the pores and block the pores, resulting in the growth of acne. Always use salicylic acid to keep the skin clear of dirt and oil and wash your hands regularly to kill the bacteria.

pimples on forehead

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5 Irritating makeup

There are certain kinds of makeup that may not be suitable for your skin. The ingredients in the makeup can be the reason, why your acne keeps coming back. Makeup that comprises of artificial color, fragrance and chemicals can also trigger the growth of acne.Products like lanolin, petroleum jelly, mineral oil and isopropyl myristate can also contribute to break out of acne.Switch onto herbal products that can help your acne to reduce.

Irritating makeup

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6 Over-drying your face

There are a number of people who have a very oily face and in order to remove the oil they keep on applying soaps and over-drying their face.Drying out and removing all the oil from your face can also cause the formation of acne. Do not use harsh soaps, instead, stick to gentle cleansers and moisturizers for your skin.

Over-drying your face

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Well, acne is a very common problem and there are many, suffering from this skin condition. If you follow a regular regimen to keep your skin, clean and hydrated you are sure to get rid of these nasty eruptions.


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