10 Breastfeeding Tips to Save Any Nursing Mother’s Day

Breastfeeding is essential for any baby as they get their nutritional intake from their mother’s milk since they cannot exactly consume solid food. Besides, simply getting their daily nutrition, breastfeeding also helps in promoting and strengthening the emotional connection between mother and child. This plays a significant role in the child’s overall development and growth. But, nursing can sometimes be very challenging, especially for new mothers. So, it’s natural that many new mothers will have questions about it. Here are few easy tricks to help every new mother enjoy nursing their baby:


1 Warm breasts let out more milk

To warm up your breasts you can massage them using a warm wet towel or even take a warm shower before breastfeeding can help increase milk production. This even helps open up block ducts for better flow of milk.

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2A delicious way to boost milk supply is by lactation cookies and smoothies

Yes indeed! Lactation cookies and smoothies are available to provide you with an alternative if you are against taking supplements which increase milk production. The biggest advantage of these is that you can even make them at home by using lactation boosting ingredients like Brewer’s yeast, fenugreek and oatmeal.

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3Feedings can be tracked using jewelry

Some mothers like to offer only one side during feeding, while others prefer nursing from both sides. It still is important that you remember which breast you last fed on, despite your preferences, since it becomes hard to keep a track of it when you’re so busy with taking care of your child.

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Put a ring on your finger to remember

A good way to always remember the side you fed from last is by putting a ring either on your left hand if you last fed from your left or on the right hand if you last fed from your right. A bracelet or hair tie can also be used for this.

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