8 Type Of Bras That Are Safe for You And 5 That Are Bad

11100% synthetic fabric bras

Synthetic bras may also contain toxins that are used in the clothes manufacturing process. You should always take note of the material your bra is manufactured from. Cotton may be too stiff so select a bra which is a mix of cotton and a safe synthetic fabric like spandex which is perfect to adjust with a daily routine.

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12Sticky bras

Such bras use glue to stick to your bust skin which is bad. Your skin is not supposed to be in contact with such chemicals. Moreover, the tight fitting element if such bras also reduces circulation. If you have sensitive skin, it will be a problem because then the constant mixing of glue and sweat along with reduced circulation can create harmful skin issues like itching and rash.

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13Plastic bras

These are one of the worst types of bras touted as fashionable today. They aren’t only uncomfortable; they also reduce circulation and can easily cause skin rash and allergies on sensitive skin.

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14How a bra can transform any look

A bra is supposed to primarily be used for support and comfort. It is a health item first before a fashionable one. Thus you should always pay heed to what you are wearing. Take a look at how different bras can transform the look of your bust.

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