8 Type Of Bras That Are Safe for You And 5 That Are Bad

A bra is an intimate clothing of any woman but besides that it is also necessary for bust support and health. Improper bras can create a world of problems such as skin issues or aches and pain. Studies have indicated that nearly 80% women wear the wrong bra shape simply because not many are familiar with the confusing issues of bra shape and support, size and safety. While bras are made for fashion and t provides support, there are some types which are far better than the ones you most probably wear. These depend on your bust size, health concerns and outfits. Here’s how to make the best choice of bra.


1Here are the bras that are safe: Full support bras

Safest bras are full-support bras for fuller, larger breasts that are good for daily use and comfort. They cover the entire breast and keep them in a proper natural shape. They also provide extra support throughout the day.

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2Front-closure bras

If you are bored of the daily type of bra you wear, then a front closure bra could be used instead. These are also as comfortable as the other good bras with a different type of fastening mechanism in the front instead. This gives you a chance to divert from regular routine of bra wearing.

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3Sports bras

When you work out or exercise, then bust movement can cause a lot of discomfort and tenderness. Your breasts are not exactly meant for such rigorous movement which is why you should wear a sports bra during gym. Always consider a second measurement from your regular bra as sports bras sizes vary.

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4Racerback bras for a fashionable look

A racerback bra is ideal for those wanting a more fashionable and trendy look. There is a V neck created by the shoulder straps which clasp behind the neck to keep them in place. They can be worn by those having a larger bust size because then the bra will provide from support keeping the bust in place and preventing undue movement.

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5Push-up bras

These types of bras have cups padded with thicker material to reduce the space between breasts which then pushes them upward for a bigger look. These bras also have an underwire that might press to your body in a firm way but contrary to what you may have heard, such underwires are harmless and don’t do anything to tour body.

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