If Your Blood Type Is O, Then Here Are 8 Important Things Worth Knowing About It

9Japan relies heavily on the blood type personality theory

This theory is very popular in countries like Japan, South Korea, etc. Topics like romantic compatibility charts and blood type horoscopes are usually published on magazines, newspapers and TV shows. In Japanese videogames, manga and anime there is always some sort of interest developed in the characters blood type. According to the Japanese, O blood type people are very sociable, passionate, generous and successful financially. They would also be compatible with a partner having an A Type or O type.

Japanese women

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10The O (RH) negative blood type is the purest blood type

While most blood types have the RH positive gene that is a protein which can be traced back to the rhesus monkey, it is no known how the RH negative factor came about. Thus O negative is considered the purest blood known to mankind and also considered the universal blood type of the world. RH negative means no connection to the Rhesus factor or the rhesus monkey. The highest rates of O negative blood are found in people from Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

O (RH) negative blood type

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11Type O blood and personality

It can be a very debatable topic to suggest that character and personality traits are based upon the blood type. However, it should be noted that what seemed too fantastic and unlikely centuries ago is today’s reality. Thus theories should never be written off entirely.

Type O blood and personality

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12What type o says about you?

According to Japanese professor Tokeji Furukawa, blood types can be categorized in what he termed ketsueki-gata. Thus the O blood type was considered mosquito magnets but had very low chances of fatality from a disease like malaria. O blood types are confident, cold, unpredictable, self-determined, strong willed, self centered and intuitive. They are also potential workaholics.

What type o says about you

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