If Your Blood Type Is O, Then Here Are 8 Important Things Worth Knowing About It

4Type O blood individuals can receive type O blood only

People with O+ type blood have the ability to receive blood from both O- and O+ blood types, while people with O- type can only accept from O-type blood. Only in certain emergency situations like shortage of O- blood, O+ blood type is used as a substitute.

Type O blood

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5Health risks

Scientists have stated that there are numerous ways how the biochemistry of our blood affects our health. In fact, research is still continuing to determine how blood type influences our health. There are also theories on different blood types in relation to their benefits and health risks.

Health risks

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Blood type susceptible to infections

The blood type which is the most susceptible to viral infections like cholera, tuberculosis, and bacteria is the O blood type. Studies have shown that people with O type blood have a higher probability of getting duodenal ulcer compared to the remaining A, B and AB blood types.

Blood type susceptible to infections

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6Health benefits

The blood type having the lowest risk of getting coronary heart disease is the O type blood. Research has shown that an individual having a non O blood type has a 25% higher chance of getting pancreatic cancer. People with O blood type have the least chance of being affected by cognitive disorders and circulatory diseases. However, no matter what blood type you have, you should always try maintaining your health and live a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases.

Health benefits

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7Type O blood and diet

The term “blood type diet” might ring some familiarity in your ears. This term supposedly helps you stay healthy and fit by eating certain products which will match your blood type. The blood type diet is extremely famous but it is not universally accepted because it lacks scientific evidence. Nutritionists prefer suggesting that you follow a diet which would be beneficial for your health rather than based on your blood type.

Type O blood and diet

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8What type of diet suits O blood type according to experts

For your information purposes, according to WebMD, the best foods suited to O blood type include a high protein diet with lean meat, poultry and fish along with vegetables. But go light on the grains, beans and dairy as such types may have stomach problems and other issues. In this case, supplements would help. Items like caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided.

What type of diet suits O blood type

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