If Your Blood Type Is O, Then Here Are 8 Important Things Worth Knowing About It

In the first decade of 1900, an Austrian physician Karl Landsteiner had categorized blood into 4 types. It is essential to know one’s blood type for emergency situations because it would be safe for blood transfusions. It has been discovered that our health is influenced by the characteristics of our blood. Some people also believe that these characteristics influence our personality and future too. While all blood types have their own distinct qualities, the blood type O is unique in a different way.This article will let you know about some mysterious theories and scientific facts about the O type blood.


1 How are blood types determined?

The classification of blood is done by checking the presence of particular antigens which activate the immune system when foreign substances are introduced in the body. In case of blood transfusions, the transfused blood can be attacked by these antigens inside the patient’s body. Thus, it is essential to know your own blood type and your close ones so that in emergency situations safe blood matches can be easily found and provided.

 How are blood types determined

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2Type O blood characteristics

The presence and absence of A and B antigens present on the surface of the red blood cells as well as the antibodies of A and B in the plasma helps to identify which blood type you belong to. A protein is present in the antigens of the A and B types known as Rh factor, they can either be absent or present.

Type O blood characteristics

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There are 8 types of blood

There are a total of 8 blood types: O+, A+, B+, AB+ and then O-, A-, B-, and AB-. The O blood type only has the A and B antibodies in the plasma. There are no A or B antigens present in the blood. The most common blood type is O+ and almost 35-55% of people belonging to different racial and ethnic communities possess this type of blood.

Types of blood

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3People with type O blood are universal donors

All 4 groups can accept blood from people with O+ blood type. But these are only the Rh positive subgroup(O+, A+, B+, AB+) can receive this blood. The actual universal blood donor is the O- type, it can be received by all 8 subgroups. For emergency transfusions, O- blood type is always needed, before any other blood cross match is transfused. The O- blood type is the safest blood type for newborn babies and help to develop their immune system.

Blood Donation

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