Beware if you see these wavy patterns on your tongue, you might wake up in ER

Our body is very capable and well-enabled to fight off most of the diseases and ailments on its own, if the body’s immune system is working perfectly. This mostly happens when we eat safe and simple food that is healthy and nutritious.

Interestingly, when our body is under attack from any bacteria or disease or we develop any condition, it gives out some indications that are related to the cause of the said ailment to us. Now it is upto us to recognize the symptoms correctly and get the ailment treated before it does some serious harm.

One such symptom is scalloped tongue, in which the tongue has wavy patterns on the edge of the tongue. This condition may lead to severe consequences if it remains undiagnosed. Here are the symptoms, causes and consequences of this disease.

1 What is scalloped tongue and what are its symptoms?

Scalloped tongue or crenated tongue is a condition where indentations are present on the edges of tongue. These indentations are usually made by teeth putting pressure on the tongue. Some of the individuals have termed the condition as wavy tongue border, where the tongue ridges are present along the edges of the tongue.


When the teeth put pressure on the tongue, it leads to an increase in the size of tongue and then wavy borders are formed on the tongue. Symptoms of scalloped tongue are swelling, enlargement alongside the ridges and increment in the redness of the tongue.

Causes of scalloped tongue

When you see these ridges alongside the tongue, don’t ignore it as it can be your body telling you something about an impending condition that has been developing slowly in your body and may be on the verge of attacking you any moment.

What is scalloped tongue and what are its symptoms?

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