Acupuncture process can also cause bacterial infection, but only in rare cases!


Acupuncture is an age old alternative form of medical treatment that has been in practice for several centuries. Because of its result oriented and positive effects on human beings, this practice has gained immense importance in the last few years. Needles are used in the treatment process and this ancient process is known to eliminate body aches and several other health issues.

This is a Chinese therapy but has been adopted by different nations across the globe and the application varies from one region to the other. Acupuncture is believed to stimulate the natural pain killers in human body and thereby increases the blow flow and henceforth, the body pains and aches go away gradually.

1 Can this safe procedure have a negative implication?

Acupuncture is a safe process and people all over the world rely on the process blindfolded. According to a new research and study this very safe process is causing bacterial infection among some people after the treatment procedure. This sounds scary no doubt but you should not get scared as there are treatments available for such infections occurring in the rare cases.

Can this safe procedure have a negative implication

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2 A news report of bacterial infection from acupuncture in Australia

According to a news report a man in Australia developed a severe bacterial infection while undergoing an acupuncture treatment. He was undergoing the medical treatment for his cervical spondylosis. Unfortunately, he started experiencing worse neck pain and even felt feverish for many days before he was taken to the emergency treatment ward.

acupuncture in Australia

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3 What did the doctors find?

When the doctors examined the neck of the man they were surprised to find that even after the treatment like acupuncture he has developed a bacterial infection on the inner layers of skin which is also known as cellulitis.

Further examinations and tests were carried out using MRI and other medical techniques and it was found that he had also developed septic arthritis which is basically a painful and aching joint infection. Several blood tests helped in detecting the presence of bacterium Staphylococcus Aureus which was causing the problems.

According to the doctors and other experts of the field, it was confirmed that the bacteria, Staphylococcus Aureus initially entered via the bloodstream of the man and thereby got settled on the neck joint. It was because of the use of the needles in the acupuncture process, that the man caught hold of the infection.

What did the doctors find?

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Now the question arises, were there any form of unsafe practices used during the acupuncture process? Well, there was no such evidence found from the Public Health Department of the Australian government and this left the researchers and the doctors of the field stunned with the occurrence of the bacterial infection in the man who went for the acupuncture treatment for his neck spondylosis.

4 The infection must be detected at the initial stage

This is a very rare kind of infection that can cause severe damage to your health and also causes complications if it is not detected at early stage. Strong and powerful antibiotics are used for the elimination of the infection from the body and the person needs to be hospitalized for the medication.

The infection must be detected at the initial stage

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5 The infection can be fatal as well

If the condition is not diagnosed at the early or initial stage, it can cause severe damage to the bones of the neck and an individual can suffer from immense issues in the long run as well. This rare case of bacterial infection is an eye opener especially for those engaged in giving and receiving acupuncture as an alternative form of treatment.

The infection can be fatal as well

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6 Medical science has witnessed rare cases in the past as well

The whole genre of medical science has undergone a drastic transformation in the last few years. The treatment facilities have advanced and have become even more efficient and result oriented. In such a situation how can rare situations arise where due to a treatment there is an attack of bacterial infection in people?

It sounds a little strange but there are many scientific evidences that show that rare cases occur in reality and it remains a mystery until there is any groundbreaking evidence or clue to it. Similar is the situation with the acupuncture process as a medical treatment and the associated bacterial infection on the joints.

Medical science has witnessed rare cases in the past as well

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7 The scientists are researching the rare bacterial infection related to acupuncture

Acupuncture makes use of thin needles that are inserted in the acupuncture points of the bodies. In majority of the clinics the doctors ensure and give importance to the use of safe practices so that there are no complications. In this rare case of bacterial infections, research work is still undergoing and the experts are of the belief that they will be successful in pointing out the source of the infection and how did it get into the human body even after following safe practices.

infection related to acupuncture

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