17 Best Tricks That Can Help You Quit Smoking for Good

14Chew gum

Chewing gum has been found to be effective when someone is trying to quit smoking. In fact, when you have a craving, do all of these things, drink some water, chew on hard candy or simply chew gum.

Chew gum
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15Trick your brain

Tricking your brain into associating smoking with unpleasantness is one weird but effective way to stop smoking. So if you feel like smoking, go and smell something disgusting like a rotten egg perhaps. Doing this regularly will make your brain associate smoking with disgust.

Trick your brain
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16Alternative treatments

Alternative treatments have been shown to be effective against quitting smoking. So consider psychotherapy, acupuncture, and hypnosis which can help you lose your nicotine addiction. Meditation and yoga can also help to calm and de-stress your mind so that you don’t need to reach for a cigarette.

Alternative treatments
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17Set milestones

Some people get afraid of not being able to smoke again. If you are one of them, then set small milestones for yourself. Try to go smoke-free for 2 hours. Then 3 to 5 hours and stretch it as per your wishes till you hit 12 hours or a day without smoking. Then visit a café or a bar and resist the urge to smoke when you are with friends. Before you know it, you will be smoke-free and breathing fresher air. You will feel good about yourself, that’s a guarantee.

Set milestones
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