17 Best Tricks That Can Help You Quit Smoking for Good

9Distract yourself

It is easy to falter along the way but don’t lose heart. If you suddenly feel the urge to smoke just when you are giving up, then distract yourself for at least 5 minutes and wait for a little. Research says that 5 minutes is enough time to ask yourself the reason for doing something. Your consciousness questions your actions and you may back down.

Say no to smoking
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10Set a goal for yourself

Set a goal for yourself to quit smoking before an event like on your days off, or on vacation. You’ll find this much easier than you thought. Take a trip out of the city without your cigarettes and keep your goals in mind when you return.

Set a goal for yourself
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11Visit a hospital

Pay a visit to a hospital and see patients with lung cancer. This may be scary for you but you should do it. Speak to them and ask their opinions and views on smoking. While many of them would invariably be smokers, their opinions and experience might shock you.

Visit a hospital
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12Download an app that helps you to stop smoking

There are special apps that can help you stop smoking and keep tabs on your progress. You will be surprised to know that some of these apps actually work like “Livestrong MyQuit coach”, “Craving to Quit”, “Smoke-Free” and “Kwit.”

Download an app that helps you to stop smoking
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13When you can’t fight it

If you suddenly find the whole exercising overwhelming, which may occur sometimes, don’t let up. Just go and brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with cold water. Then try and drink a glass of milk. These are things that make people resist the urge to smoke.

When you cant fight it
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