17 Best Tricks That Can Help You Quit Smoking for Good

To give up smoking is no easy task, that’s for sure but if you do, then you’ll be doing your body a great favor and adding years to your health and lifeline. Smoking is deadly. The problem is you can’t see what it does to your body and as such; it doesn’t really bother you until the symptoms of disease like lung cancer start. Giving up smoking makes you feel lighter, makes you feel energetic and much better mentally and physically. What many don’t know is that nicotine addiction is not a habit, it is a disease and needs to be treated. If you are trying to give up smoking, these valuable tips are definitely going to help you. You might want to also see how looking at different vaping liquids that have varying levels of nicotine percentages from a shop such as this vape store, for example. These liquids can help and allow you to decrease your nicotine intake slowly in your own time, hopefully increasing the chances of quitting for good.


1Start small

Taking it one step at a time isn’t a bad idea regardless of what many will tell you. Start being aware of the time when you are going to smoke your next cigarette and make it when you aren’t stressed out or experiencing a stressful situation like your job or exams. This is because when you reach for that cigarette in a stressful situation, the association makes the urge for nicotine get stronger. One of the ways you can counter this is finding a substitute. Some people find that using cannabidiol cigarettes in place helps them begin to wean off of the nicotine as you can still go through the same motions as you would when normally smoking.

Start small
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2Throw away your ashtrays

Yes, create a situation that makes it difficult for you to smoke, you might smoke nevertheless but your subconscious is slowly going to associate these problems when smoking and these are the small triggers that are going to help you quit by smoking less. Throw away all ashtrays, lighters and ultimately cigarettes too. If you live with people who smoke, make them respect your decision and cooperate by not smoking next to you. If you’re trying to give up smoking cigarettes but not the social aspect of smoking, you could consider making the move to e-cigs which are still enjoyable but largely considered a safer alternative – www.gourmeteliquid.co.uk.

Throw away your ashtrays
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3Drink water

As soon as you feel an urge to smoke, drink a glass of water. Drinking water satiates hunger cravings and makes you alert again strengthening your will against the urge to light up a cigarette.

Girl drinking water
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4Avoid coffee

Caffeine and cigarettes usually go together, so when you are having a coffee, the urge to smoke is greater. In the beginning, try to avoid coffee at least for the sake of kicking the smokes. Later when you are past that stage you can resume your coffee again.

Avoid coffee
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