The surprising benefits of coconut oil as an anti-inflammatory agent that improves health and thyroid function

Coconut oil is gaining global acceptance as a versatile medium for nutrition as well as, as an agent that improves health. In fact coconut flesh and coconut water have a number of uses as a flavoring agent for a variety of curries and as a probiotic agent for the digestive system. However, it is coconut oil that has the most beneficial of properties. It is an excellent course of several vitamins like vitamin K , vitamin E and iron. Apart from being a potent source of omega 3 fatty acids, it also contains beneficial triglycerides and essential nutrients important for combating infections and bacteria. Here are the important benefits of coconut oil.

1 Improves Thyroid Function

Irregular thyroid function can result in low immunity and an imbalance of hormones which could lead to excessive weight loss or weight gain. Coconut oil works as a regulator of thyroid function by boosting immunity and reducing inflammation.

Coconut oil improves Thyroid Function

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2 Reduces the Risk of Sun Burn and Improves Sun Tolerance

This is one big factor of coconut oil which not many may know about. Coconut oil is your natural sunscreen which improves your body’s response and tolerance towards sunlight, thus, reducing the chance of getting sunburned easily. The healthy fatty acids in coconut oil improves skin health to prevent burning.

Coconut oil Reduces the Risk of Sun Burn

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3 Prevents and Cures Yeast Infection

Lauric acid and caprylic acid in coconut oil are elements, which can effectively treat yeast infections. As a medium chain fatty acid, coconut oil is proven as an agent that eliminates viruses and bacteria in yeast infections. According to Dr. Bruce Fife, a Naturopathist, who is the President of the Coconut Research Center, those with yeast infections or at risk of acquiring yeast infections should take at least 3.5 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil every day.

girl eating coconut oil to cure Yeast Infection

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