What happens to your body in 24 hours when you consume roasted Garlic Cloves

If the thought of eating raw garlic sounds horrible to you then you’ll be surprised to know that several people do so. Garlic is one of nature’s most potent ingredients that cure a number of health conditions and prevent many diseases like cancer. The medicinal benefits of garlic are widely known where it has been used over centuries for several purposes such as health and beauty remedies, positive energy and even chasing away evil.


As the healthiest food on earth, garlic is used in treatment of cholesterol reduction, high blood pressure, coronary disease, blood circulation and prevention of heart attacks. Take a look at the benefits of roasted garlic.


1 What happens when you eat roasted garlic?

Garlic’s composition is medicinally potent enough to regulate and control bad cholesterol. It also inhibits the production of the hormone angiotensin II in order to promote relaxation of blood vessels. Garlic can help your body within 24 hours of consumption. As per experts, 6 cloves of roasted garlic can work wonders for you in several ways.

1st Hour: Garlic is digested into your system and properties absorbed by the body


2-4 Hours: Destroys free radicals and cancer cells

4-6 Hours: Promotes metabolism and eliminates excess fluid and fat


6-7 Hours: Anti bacterial properties destroys bacteria

6-10 Hours: Positive effects on cellular level and protects body from oxidation


10-24 Hours: Body is deeply cleansed

Garlic cloves

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2 This is what happens once garlic is ingested in the body

Strengthens immunity

Increases bone density and strength


Reduced blood pressure and cholesterol

Promotes cell longevity


Reduces fatigue and exhaustion

Promotes cardio vascular health

Prevents heavy metals entering the body


Improves athletic performance

As you can see what happens when you consume garlic. It is advisable that you incorporate a lot of garlic in your diet and protect your health.

Health benefits of garlic oil

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3 Why garlic helps your body

The main ingredient in garlic is allicin which according to medical studies has the power to prevent cancer and a number of medical conditions. Moreover Garlic cloves act as an anti coagulant which prevents blood platelets from clumping and sticking to artery walls. The result is improved circulation and a stronger heart.

Garlic also blocks the DNA of cancerous tumors from replication. Such are the benefits of roasted garlic. However always try and consume raw garlic because that’s when it is highest in its potency. Never purchase garlic if it shows signs of decay.

Why garlic helps your body

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