Beauty products having stem cells – Cutting edge tech or pure marketing hype? Find out for yourselves

Beauty products make up a multi billion dollar a year industry in US alone and everyone is interested in getting their piece of the cake. There is no one on Earth and especially ladies, who do not want to stay young forever and thus they will do whatever it takes to keep them young.

There are many types of beauty products available in market and at medical shops which you can buy and that claim to treat your skin better than nature does. They also claim to make you younger by years. They also claim to use the best of the technologies available in the world in order to do so. You can see that on the infomercials that air on the TV and on the internet which entice you to try their products for more youthful skin.

One such claim is the usage of stem cells in such products that keep your skin naturally young. But are all the claims of these expensive products true or not and do stem cells help you look young? Let’s find out.

1 Stem Cell and your beauty

The beauty products have been boasting of using all the latest technology ever invented in the field of cosmetics to benefit you. The recent technology to make you look younger and currently being used is the addition of stem cells in the face creams or anti-aging creams in order to make the skin look younger.

Stem Cell and your beauty

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2 Why are stem cells important?

Stem cells are extremely useful in the natural process of healing and regeneration of skin cells. They have the ability to transform into any type of cells in order to aid the regeneration process of the body. And they are found in any and all living things.

Even our skin is full of stem cells, which we start to lose as we start to get old and by the age of 50, we have lost 98% of these regenerative skin cells. “When you’re young, the average turnover for your skin is about 25 to 30 days,” explains Dr. Hal Simeroth, an expert in stem Cell research.

“When we get older, the production slows down, [and] the turnover can take up to 60 days. When it’s exposed to the elements longer, it loses that youthful vibrant look.” concludes Dr. Simeroth

Why are stem cells important?

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