14 Beauty Myths That Make You Look Worse and Do Nothing For Your Skin

We often give into the sacrifices demanded by ideal beauty. It takes a lot of care and treatment to finally achieve our beauty goals. However, we tend to adopt certain habitual practices that aren’t necessary but just because we have heard it ever so often, we too follow such myths blindly. In fact, it isn’t what we do where makeup is concerned that is harmful but what we don’t do. But this isn’t what all those numerous so- called health sites will tell you. In a never-ending agenda of being against everything, you will often hear the wrong advice being given to you that will further result in deterioration of your looks as well as unnecessary financial loss since beauty treatments are not very cheap. Here is a list of 14 everyday beauty practices that are just myths and could be harmful for your skin.


1 Myth #1: Applying makeup daily is harmful to your skin

It isn’t the makeup itself that is harmful. We tend to ignore the remains of our make up at the end of the day. This negligence is what really damages skin. Like our hair, our skin too requires to breathe and get oxygenated. The UV filters, moisturizing and protective properties that are found in cosmetics might even help the skin during the day by protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun or the polluted environment. However, it is extremely important to make sure we cleanse and remove all the makeup once the day is over in order to maintain our healthy skin.

Applying makeup daily is harmful

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2Myth #2: A “hypoallergenic” sign on a cosmetic bottle means it suits everyone

Cosmetic products with “hypoallergenic” written on them lack only the most wide-spread allergenic ingredients such as alcohol, for instance. Somehow, distilled water is the only ingredient that the skin has no harmful reactions to. That’s why it is important to remember to learn carefully the content of even the most harmless products before buying them. The belief that cosmetics based on natural ingredients are for everyone is absolutely false. A consumer must be alert while buying such products.

Cosmetic products

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3Myth #3: Wrinkles cannot be prevented by moisturizing creams

Many good quality moisturizing creams today, fight those dreaded wrinkles that appear after a certain age. A consumer, however, should be conscious to ensure that there should be UV filters and vitamins containing antioxidants in the composition of the cream that they decide on purchasing and applying.

Wrinkles cannot be prevented

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4Myth #4: Creams should be changed frequently to maintain its effect

This myth is wrong. People believe that once their skin gets accustomed to a particular cream, the cream stops having the same effect on their skin. They do not realize that shifting to a new cream adds additional stress on their skin. However, skincare rules vary from season to season and person to person. If a cream for sustaining an optimal pH level is enough for summer, then the winter cream apart from possessing protective properties from the cold and dust should possess moisturizing and nourishing properties too.

Woman deciding creams

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5Myth #5: When applying cream, move your hands upward

People believe that there are special rules for applying creams on the face. They believe that circular motions from the bottom of the face to the top actually enhances the effect of the cream. Some rules suggest the hand movements while application. However, none of these make any sense.

When applying cream

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