Bad breath can be an indicator of the status of your overall health

The most elementary, but also one of the most repellent turn offs for a person would most definitely be a simple case of bad breath of the person sitting next to you or talking to you. But this bad breath is not merely caused by garlic chicken or onion rings. There can be many other reasons that can cause bad breath.

Your breath and health are said to be interlinked. Your health is reflected in the smell of your breath, and could even indicate serious health conditions that you may be suffering from. Read on to find out more.

1 Halitosis a.k.a bad breath

Over 80 million people suffer from chronic halitosis, or bad breath. In most cases, this smell solely emanates from the gums and the tongue. The foul smell is caused by the bacteria in the mouth, the decay of food particles, other waste particles in your mouth and poor oral hygiene. The decay along with the other particles produces a sulfur compound, which causes the unpleasant odor.

Traces of very spicy foods, onions, garlic and coffee can be detected in a person’s breath for over 72 hours even after digestion. Onions, for example, are absorbed by the stomach, and the lungs excrete the odor.

bad breath

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Fun fact – Garlic, even when rubbed onto the soles of one’s feet can show up in your breath.

2 Role of saliva

Saliva is the sole ingredient in your mouth that helps your mouth from stinking. It washes away food particles and bacteria, and hence, helps to prevent the stench. But, when you fall asleep, your salivary glands slow down the production of saliva, allowing bacteria to breed in your mouth. This results in the famous ‘morning mouth’. To prevent this, brush your teeth and eat a meal. Morning mouth can also be associated with hunger from skipping meals or fasting. So in case you decide to skip breakfast, you may still be stuck with breath that stinks.

Role of saliva

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