Avoid These Exercises If You Have Problems With Your Heart

Heart disease can strike at any time when one’s lifestyle isn’t ideal enough to support a healthy constitution. But that being said, there is no reason to give up hope and not decide to live healthier even with heart disease. Heart problem puts several limitations on a person that requires moderation and restriction on both activity and diet. In sports and physical activity especially, certain exercises can harm you more than improving health. Does this mean you cannot exercise at all? Well, you can and all you need to do is avoid the exercises bad for your heart and start doing exercises good for it. Workouts good for the heart can manage heart issues and improve its functioning. Below you will find the exercises that need to be removed from your daily activity and then those that you should incorporate into it.


1Exercises that you should not do

Isometric exercises should never be done by those with heart problems. These involve muscle strain against other muscles or any stationery object. The main reason why they aren’t good for the heart is because if done too intensely or incorrectly they can lead to temporary but high increased in blood pressure. Lifting weight, for example, is an anaerobic exercise in which the body demands more oxygen than can be supplied. What experts feel is that the increased blood pressure with a shortfall of oxygen supply could possibly increase pressure on the heart and trigger a heart attack.

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2The isometric exercises to avoid in those with severe heart disease are

Push-ups, planks, Glute Bridge

As per the AHA or American heart association, resistance exercises should be done at a slow and moderately controlled speed. Moreover, as per a report in Harvard Health in 2007, the AHA gave recommendations of resistance exercise for preventing and treating heart disease. (Circulation, July 31, 2007). It mentioned that moderate and monitored strength training benefited insulin sensitivity, increased muscle mass and improved bone density. That being said, such exercises are not for everyone and those with CHF (congestive heart failure) or those with uncontrolled heart failure should avoid strength exercises completely.


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3The strength training exercises to avoid

Strength training exercises can improve muscle mass but as mentioned earlier, these increase pressure on the heart with a decrease of oxygen levels in the blood. These include:

  • Resistance bands
  • Weight-lifting

Now again, those with uncontrolled heart rhythm problems and uncontrolled heart failure or severe aortic stenosis should be careful in any type of physical activities and should always consult a doctor.

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