Avoid these 7 items in your house that can cause Cancer

We use many things in our house daily for the up keeping purposes. Many people use these items as they are advertised as house hold use items and safe for such uses.


It may seem like common sense that definitely no products would exist on the market if they caused harm to humans. But sadly, this is not the case and many items are freely available for simple home use, are truly potentially life threatening.

Even the most doubtful household items actually contain cancer causing components. These household items come in contact with all of the products many times in a course of a day. And here are 7 such household items that you should take precautions against.


1 Air Freshener

Air Fresheners are used in every home to keep them smelling fresh and peachy. They come in form of aerosol containers and cubes of scented fresheners.

While you may possibly want to keep your air feeling good, more or less you are poisoning your own body in the course. Probable carcinogens are being released in the air and many of them contain “phthalates”, which dangerously affect reproductive health and makes ailments like asthma more dangerous.


In place of such harmful fresheners, you should opt for in house made fresheners such as refined vinegar and some drops of essential oils (like peppermint, lavender). Put the mixture in a spray bottle, mix it well and spray.

Air Freshener

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2 Scented Candles

Scented candles are used in every household in order to keep the house and especially the bathroom filled with pleasant aroma. Since the place always reeks of fungus and bad smell thanks to constant use of water and the loo, these inexpensive (ok, some expensive) candles can change the mood and make a person relaxed during their bath time.

But it is not a common knowledge that scented candles may possibly contain toxins and carcinogens. Even the wicks could be made of lead, despite being banned and it is better to check it again. The best way to do it is by using a piece of paper to hold the wick and drawing it line by kind of wiping it.


If there is no line on the paper, the wick is lead free. If the wick is made up of lead or candle contains impurities, you can light it and check for gray colored soot to form on the paper, that you can hold high above the flame.

Scented Candles

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3 Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are present in every house hold bathrooms and though it might not be a big deal, most of shower curtains are made of plastic and may contain PVC.

The PVC is very harmful for the environment as it releases poisonous carcinogenic compounds. And it can do that when you are taking a hot shower, leading to respiratory and reproductive problems. To avoid such problems, use shower curtains made out of natural cotton.


Also make sure the plastic toys that you buy for your kids do not contain any PVC or lead as kids tend to put everything in their mouth and ingesting both these things can be very dangerous.

Shower Curtains

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4 Carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners are made out of very heavy and harmful chemicals as they need to remove some stubborn stains from the carpet.

Ingesting and inhaling such chemicals can invite trouble like lung cancer, as these cleaners have chemicals such as perchloroethylene and naphthalene. Naphthalene can be also dangerous as it is the main component of the widely used mothballs.

Use alternative methods such as sprinkling carpets with baking soda and then cleaning them with a mixture of water and vinegar. This cleaning solution is natural and won’t cause problems like throat and lung cancers. Otherwise choose steam cleaning.

Carpet cleaners

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5 Dry cleaning products

Dry cleaning is done using chemicals like etrachlorethylene or Perchloroethylene. These contain harmful carcinogens which can be absorbed by your body when your wears freshly dry cleaned clothes.

Hence confirm that your dry cleaner does not use these ingredients in their process of cleaning clothes, as wearing such clothes can lead to various types of cancer.

Dry cleaning products

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6 Insecticides and Pesticides

The names themselves are self-explanatory, but still it’s a good reminder that these things not only affect humans but your pets as well.

There may be harmful carcinogens present in the pet friendly tick and flea control products that you use, which in turn can harm both you and your pets. They may contain organophosphate insecticides, permethrin, and carbamates, which are more possibly dangerous and carcinogenic to humans.

Insecticides and Pesticides

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7 Antibacterial products

Recently tricolsan was banned in the EU. Why does it affect you? Well, tricolsan is the main ingredients in soaps and cosmetics which are marketed as anti-bacterial and safe for use by humans.

In fact, silver is a better option if you want something anti-bacterial and which does not harm the human body in any way. Otherwise be safe and buy only organic anti-bacterial soaps and cosmetics which contain naturally occurring bacteria fighting plants and essential oils in them.

Antibacterial products

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