Studies show depressed moms affect their child’s development

Did you experience postpartum depression (PPD)? Women generally experience postpartum depression after giving birth but this depression gradually subsides and is cured completely. But in some cases, women tend to continue experiencing spells of depression for long periods of time and some stay depressed for years.

Studies show depressed moms affect their child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Millions of children get caught in this vicious web and are not even aware of how it has impacted them. Depressed moms not only impact their kids as babies, this stays with the child well into adulthood and there are chances that the child could experience spells of depression too. Read about how depressed moms influence their children at each milestone of their life.

1 Babies

Depressed moms feel very unhappy and don’t feel any kind of enthusiasm, but they are often afraid to talk about it to anyone, including their partners. They find it difficult to bond with their babies, which makes babies anxious and fearful. These infants tend to be whiny and restless, and may continue to stay anxious for the rest of their lives.


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2 Toddlers

Toddlers or preschool kids are at a very tender and impressionable age; their brains absorb behavioural patterns of adults around them. Depressed moms are tired, frustrated and irritable; this confuses the kids and they become unable to moderate their moods or cooperate with requests. These kids also retract from socializing or are anxious to form new bonds.


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