4 Apps to make you get up early in the morning and set a routine

Being a morning person is something mot many people fancy. People really love their sleep and would probably sleep for hours until and unless they are woken up. But alas, there is work to do to earn and eat, which makes people get up early, but this is something common that binds all people in the world, their morning habits. People have found ways to sleep through alarms and the snooze button doesn’t really help when you want to get up in the morning. We have 4 apps for you that will help you in getting up early and follow a routine since they don’t take a “five minutes more” excuse, like our parents or spouses do.


1 Morning Ritual – $1.99 for iOS

Morning ritual is an app that makes waking up in the morning a task that you can complete by taking baby steps. You can set alarms for various things that you have to do in the morning like brushing teeth, having breakfast, reading the newspaper and going to office. You can set creative patterns to make it harder to snooze the alarms when they ring. The app tells you when it is time to move on the next thing.

Morning Ritual

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2 Sleep cycle – Free

Sleep cycle works by recording your REM sleep cycle and then lets you set a 30 minute time period when you would like to wake up. Now it continuously analyses the data during your sleep and when the time you have set comes on, it finds the best time to wake you up in those 30 minutes based on the data it gathered and ascertains when you are in your light sleep phase as it is easy to wake up in that period instead of a heavy sleep cycle.

Sleep cycle - Free

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3 The Rock Clock

Everyone knows who The Rock is and what he does. For those who are still living under a rock or without internet, The Rock or Dwayne Johnson is the world’s highest paid actor and a now part time wrestler who went on to become the true legend of the business and is now ruling box office. This app will let you set the alarm for the time you want to wake up and on the given time, it will wake you up with motivational quotes from the Rock himself which includes videos from the Great One himself. And the funny part? There is no snooze option on this app. Enjoy!!

The Rock Clock

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4 Alarmy

Now this app falls into the sadistic category. Alarmy is an app that you can use to torture your siblings or spouse or friends or anyone you really want to irritate. It lets you set alarms using any random image. When the alarm goes off, it won’t shut off until you take a picture of the same thing again. Just think of the possibilities of annoying others since the app doesn’t have a snooze option either. For more sadistic people, it lets you set a math problem as alarm and it won’t shut off until you solve the problem. Really enjoy!!


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