Scientists claim fountain of youth Anti Ageing Pill could be available soon

The world is obsessed with anti-aging and while there are a number of holistic means developed, to support the trend, researchers are forever in the lab, striving to discover that one perfect formula that will lay claim to be the true fountain of youth .

The dream of a fountain of youth anti-aging pill may be closer than you think, with scientists claiming it could soon be available within two years and could well reverse the effects of brain aging and arrest the progression diseases like Alzheimer’s.

1 Magic Pill Blueprint Drawn Up In 2000

The wonder pill, whose blueprint has been drawn up by scientists in 2000 is a magical combo of more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals conducive to brain health which could reverse the process of aging. Among the vitamins present were vitamins B complex, C, D and the all important folic acid, which researchers found, eliminated the loss of brain cells and thus reversed the ageing process.

Over the period of the next two years, lab trials will begin using human subjects where the pill will be tested against dementia and various diseases brought about by aging. A super cocktail of thirty vitamins and minerals will be combined into one wonder pill that will be prescribed as a dietary supplement. Most of these vitamins and minerals are on sale at health stores today.

Anti ageing Blueprint Drawn

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2 Potential to Revert the Process Of Anti-Aging

Among the vitamins mentioned, certain ingredients known to be beneficial for overall health and anti-aging are cod liver oil and green tea extract, which is a popular weight loss remedy. Scientists are positive about the pill as they have already tested it in early trials and are ecstatic over the incredible results. The fountain of youth anti-aging pill could soon be used as a treatment against neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia. All of these are impacted negatively by aging.

The main reason which gave researchers most hope is the early trials using mice. Most of the animals used had half their brain cells already damaged, a condition akin to human Alzheimer’s. The rodents were fed the supplement coated on pieces of bagel and over a period of a few months, their conditions remarkably improved. Researchers observed that there was an actual reversal of cognitive decline. In addition, several other faculties improved such as vision, smell, movement and balance.

Process Of Anti Ageing

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