An unbalanced pH level in body can allow cancer to multiply – Here is how you can restore balance


Maintaining a balanced pH level in body is vital for our body as it serves as an important homeostatic function. A very high or a very low pH level can lead to several diseases and eventually cause death in many cases. People tend to be in an acidic state if their pH level is below 7.35. It is this state of acidic pH that allows cancer to thrive in the body. Thus, in order to remain in homeostasis or in a healthy state it is imperative that our blood pH levels remains within the normal range of 7.35 to 7.45. A safety measure to decrease the rate of cancer is to maintain a normal acid base balance homeostasis because it makes the body capable to fight against cancer and other diseases. Read ahead and know how you can restore balance of your pH level in body.

1 How you can establish your pH level with saliva?

If you want to know you pH level of your body, then you can opt for buying a pH testing kit from the chemist shop or any health food store. These come in rolls and contain a set of strips for pH level testing. You can test with your saliva samples or with your urine samples.

If you are testing your saliva then refrain from eating or drinking two hours before the test. Wash your mouth with water and then swallow it. Then keep saliva in your mouth and place the strip on your tongue. Then compare the result with the color chart that comes with the strip to establish your blood pH level.

If the saliva pH is very high (over 6.8) then it means that the body is suffering from excess gas and constipation and fungus, mold and yeast production. Too low pH (below 6.5) shows that the body eliminates them through urine.

How you can establish your pH level with saliva?

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2 How to establish your pH level with urine?

If you are opting for urine test to know your pH level then conduct the test in the morning when you wake up.

Urinate on the strip and then compare the result with guide that comes with the kit. The lower acid levels need to be taken care of in case of urine test. If the average pH of urine is less than 6.5 then it means that the fluids present in the body are highly acidic.

How to establish your pH level with urine?

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3 What factors are responsible for a change in pH level of the body?

The pH level of your body depends on a number of factors. Usually, it is what goes inside our body that determines the creation of the body pH level. Too much consumption of fatty food, unhealthy diet, etc allows the pH level to become acidic leading to many diseases including cancer.

What factors are responsible for a change in pH level of the body

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4 How to restore pH balance quickly?

If you want to maintain a healthy pH balance then it is mandatory to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are a smoker or a drinker then it is high time you say goodbye to the habit. Not only these things disrupt the pH balance but are the leading causes of several diseases including cancer.

Also restrict the consumption of processed food. Eating clean is really very important if you want to balance the pH level in your body. Processed foods contain a lot of harmful chemicals so it is better to start eating organic products as they are healthy and safe. These reduce the amount of chemicals that go into your body and help in maintaining a healthy pH level in body.

How to restore pH balance quickly

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If you want to restore the pH level of your body to homeostasis then you should learn which foods are acidic and which are alkaline.

Raw vegetables are alkaline in nature and meats are known to be acidic. However, this does mean that you need to totally exclude meat from your diet and eat raw vegetables only. It will be wise and healthy to eat vegetables in excess of meat. This will help to maintain alkaline pH levels in the body.

Apart from that, regular exercise and a holistic approach towards life are highly essential to reduce the acid in your pH level.


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