10 Most amazing things your Baby Feels while still in your Womb

If you’re about to become a proud mother, then consider yourself gifted because unlike a male, you have the power to nurture life and bring life into the world. Within that span of 9 months, you will experience nature’s miracle of a tiny cell growing to become a healthy little baby. The significance of such a feat will become even more evident and profound when your new baby clasps your little finger. It is then that you will understand the importance of being called a mother.


Most new mothers would no doubt wonder what their baby may be experiencing within the womb. Does it have emotion? Is it conscious, does it have a taste? Well, here are 10 things a baby feels in a mother’s womb.

1 Is a Baby Conscious of Sensations?

While in the womb, a fetus is in a dreamlike state. It is always in a condition of low oxygen pressure in a comfortable uterine environment. It is constantly receiving sleep inducers and neuro inhibitors from the placenta, such as adenosine, allopregnanolone and pregnanolone as well as prostaglandin D. The placenta effectively sedates the baby while it sleeps.

Bay in the womb

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2 Can Babies Taste In The Womb?

According to Professor Julie Mennella, Biopsychologist at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, research has proven that babies can taste to some extent the flavors ingested by the mother. It derives such sensation of taste through the amniotic fluid wherein a baby responds in a different way to the varying tastes.

Can Babies Taste In The Womb

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3 How Do Babies Respond To Mothers Emotions?

A mother’s emotions will affect a baby’s emotional development. Babies born from mothers, who have suffered stress and depression through the phase of pregnancy, will possess a risk of being depressed children later.


According to Curt A Sandman of California University, a baby’s mental development continuously collects and stores data that will reflect in its development after birth. Such emotional information is collected from the emotional states of the mother.

How Do Babies Respond To Mothers Emotions

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4 Babies Smile a Lot in the Womb

Babies smile a lot and that’s due to the things a baby feels while in the womb. Whether it’s in response to a mother’s good mood or whether mama may have laughed out loud or maybe it’s so comfortable it’s experiencing a moment of sheer bliss. A good time in the womb is no doubt a reflection of how good a day you may be having.

Babies Smile in the Womb

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5 When your baby kicks

That may be the most amazing moment ever for any mom-to-be. To feel the reassuring kick of your baby will no doubt delight you, but try tapping back lightly of course. Your baby would just love a response from you too.

When your baby kicks

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6 Babies Can Hear Within 24 Weeks

Babies can hear faster than they see where hearing develops within 24 weeks of gestation. This is why sounds such as your voice, laughter or music can be heard by a baby. Singing to your baby or playing some soft instrumental music can soothe and stimulate your baby a lot.

Babies Can Hear Within 24 Weeks

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7 Babies Love Touching

While in the later stages of pregnancy, your baby can get a bit touchy and feely. It may make certain movements like grabbing its umbilical cord or their buttocks. They can also turn and walk around the amniotic sac. Some babies are really active in the womb.

Babies Love Touching

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8 Your Baby Can Cry When In The Womb

Awww… this is really sad, but unfortunately, just as babies can laugh, they can also cry in the womb. It isn’t clear to doctors what makes a baby cry, but researchers have observed through ultrasound that babies do cry. It was also noticed that while crying, a baby’s bottom lip trembles. Researchers feel crying is a means of communication for a developing baby as this is also a major tool, it would be using after it is born.

Baby Cry In The Womb

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9 Babies Have Memories

The sensations and sounds experienced in the womb may be remembered after it is born. Your baby might react to sounds like music or your voice in the same way when she heard it while in your womb. This is proof of your baby’s brain development. She may not recognize the sounds, but her brain has somehow recorded them in its subconscious where the responses are the same.

Babies Have Memories

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10 Your Baby Is Constantly Bonding With You

Although there are many things a baby feels while in your womb, throughout your pregnancy your baby is bonding with you. In the later stages of pregnancy, your baby can hear your voice and pays attention to the nature of the sounds and the emotions attached to such sounds. Your voice is the first thing a baby responds to after she is born. Now isn’t that marvelous.

Baby with mothher

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