15 Amazing Pregnancy Facts That Prove A Woman’s Body Always Surprises Us

6A brain dead woman can deliver a baby

While this may be a rare case, a pregnant woman who has been declared brain dead can be kept alive through artificial means so that the fetus can be delivered. This may sound bizarre and weird but then that’s medical science.

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7it’s possible to deliver a nearly 14-pound baby without an epidural

It can be very painful to deliver a baby which is why many women choose an epidural to lessen the pain. One Australian mother wanted to keep her own experience as normal as possible and actually delivered a 14-pound baby.

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8Blood clots faster during pregnancy

Blood usually clots faster during pregnancy because this is to reduce blood loss. Pregnant women also experience less blood flow to the legs in the later stages of pregnancy because of the blood vessels around the pelvis that are pressed upon by the baby. This also means that pregnant women are at risk of blood clots and a condition called venous thromboembolism or VTE. Deep vein thrombosis can also occur but these can be detected in time to be treated effectively.

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9You and your baby may love the same food

The flavors of the type of foods a woman eats can get transmitted to the amniotic fluid that feeds the baby growing in the womb. This impacts the child’s choices of certain foods once it is born and can start eating solids. Thus, if you eat a lot of grapes or certain fruit during pregnancy, there is a high chance that it is going to be a favorite with your child too.

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10The most proven method of bringing on labor

Nipple stimulation is considered as the only scientifically proven method of inducing labor. This has the same principle as lactating where rubbing a woman’s nipple area in a full term pregnancy releases oxytocin that can cause contractions. The method is called “the comfort technique.”

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