Almost half of the world population will be suffering from myopia by 2050

Today the occurrence of myopia or short sightedness has become more rampant. There is an immense increase in the amount of the short sightedness cases among the people of all ages. Children and teenagers seem to be the most vulnerable ones. The unfortunate part is that with the increasing use of the computers, iPads, smart phones and internet, in the next few years the cases of myopia are expected to rise even more across the globe.

1 Myopia cases will be on rise in the coming years

Optometrists all over the globe have concerns over this particular issue and feel helpless in limiting the rise of such an eye condition. According to the new research found, by the year 2050, almost 5 billion individuals, which makes it half the population of the world will suffer from myopia or short sightedness. Furthermore, the study also reveals that within the next thirty years one fifth of them suffering from myopia might lose their vision and have risk of blindness.

If the research found is considered to be the truth, the increase in the cases of myopia from the years 2000 to 2050 will be seven-fold and it is indeed very alarming. The scientists and experts of the field are pretty sure of the consequences of the condition but they are still unable to agree on the reasons or the factors that are causing the vision issues. Majority of them associate, short sightedness to our obsession with computer and smart phone screens, also known as myopia epidemic.

Myopia cases will be on rise in the coming year

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If we go by the statistics, we will find that in the year 2010, only 28.3% of the world population, which makes around 2 million individuals, wore glasses due to the problem of short sightedness. Look at the rapid rise in the cases of myopia now and the future predictions are definitely scary.

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