Affordable Ways of Getting Health Insurance Policy

As we await for job opportunities to begin opening up, the Harvard Public Health magazine reports that there is enough evidence linking job loss to reduced life expectancy, among other health-related problems.


What’s more is that with the current economic crunch, purchasing a health insurance policy is not exactly economical as you might have to forego other basic needs such as shelter and food; but you can always find something that suits you in the Medicare Advantage plans 2021.

From the above, there is no denying that the economy is ailing, but that does not mean that access to the best medical services should be limited or denied, after all getting the relevant medical care is every person’s right, so how can you cushion the lurking potential harm to your health as the massive wave of job cuts continuously sweeps across the globe.


1The subsidized State Program

This health insurance program is designed for young adults, who come from the low income families. To access the health insurance program, the denarians will have to get into the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). And to know of the benefits attached therein, they will have to check with their States, Department Of Health And Human Services.

The Parents Plan- the United States, citizens have the advantage of benefiting from their parent’s health insurance plan until they get to 26 years of age. The above is not discriminatory and you will, therefore, be able to use it even if you are under the mentioned age and married, live away from your parents, and are working.


The subsidized State Program


Is a government-funded health insurance plan that is provided to people with disabilities and the low-income earners. To access this medical assistance program, you will have to confirm with your State’s Department of Health and Human Development if you are eligible.


COBRA- interesting name there, well it is an abbreviation of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985. And its function is to protect individuals from losing their health insurance; the policy, therefore, allows people to continue paying for their current health plan for a limited time. In essence, is that COBRA was introduced to ensure that people don’t suddenly lose their health insurance.

The Health Insurance Discount Cards- well this is not exactly an insurance plan but can come in quite handy if all the other plans are expensive. So what happens with the health insurance discount card is that you will have to pay a small monthly fee purely for membership so that anytime you visit the doctor, you automatically get a discounted rate on the services.


The health insurance marketplace- offers people the choice of purchasing a healthcare plan that meets their needs. The advantage of the marketplace and the reason why you need to look into it is that it covers the treatment of pre-existing conditions.

The worker’s compensation program- If you happen to suffer from work-related injuries then it is the duty of your employer to offer you treatment but under the worker’s compensation program. It is, therefore, high time for you to check if you have been covered under your state’s workers’ compensation program.



The short term insurance coverage- just like its name, this insurance policy plan offers coverage for a limited period of time, and you will, therefore, find that some of the short term plans require you to pay a copay when going for some of the doctor’s appointments.


In general, therefore, is that the short term plans cover the emergency services and treatments, and this will, therefore, include the outpatient visits to the doctors the hospital stays, and surgeries among others.

3The Consumer Driven Health Plan

Is still finding its way into people’s home and will, therefore, allow you to set aside a certain amount of money in a special health insurance savings account. The deductible in this kind of plan is high, but the good thing is that you are at liberty to decide how you use the money in catering to your health care costs.


The Consumer Driven Health Plan


Apart from the tough economic times, lacking a health insurance policy is a headache of its own especially if you are an older adult. So, as the economy struggles to get back on its feet, there are various methods with which you can ensure that you are able to get the best medical services when you need it, most of which we have discussed above. All age groups have been covered beginning from the young adults to the older generation, low-income earners, and the disabled.


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