Acupuncture is the latest fad among top actors, musicians and star athletes – know why!


Acupuncture is a Chinese alternative medication through puncture of needles (acus-needles). Its origin can be dated back to 4000 years in China. Chinese people however believe that the usage started in Stone Age, when sharp tools were used to puncture and cure abscesses. According to them – any disturbance of the energy ‘Chi force’ or life force, is the sole cause of any illness. The pathways in which Chi flows are called meridians, as per their belief there are 20 meridians and 2000 acupuncture points. So whenever there is a blockage and imbalance of the forces yin and yang, acupuncture is applied to enable the flow again. It has become increasingly popular in the West too. They believe that the use of needles in specific points stimulates the central nervous system and starts a brain effect similar to that of a pain killer. National Centre for Health Statistics survey in 2002 has reported 8.2 million adults are trying this new found therapy.

1 Acupuncture enters the world of Hollywood

In China and many other Asian countries it is already an accepted alternative to main stream medication. It has recently been widely embraced by A-list of Hollywood celebrities, musicians, star athletes in the West. Reasons aplenty – general wellness, weight loss, face lift, infertility, recovery from injuries and pain to list some. The use of acupuncture among celebrities can be dated back to Marilyn Monroe. She had used it to get relief from stomach cramps when she visited Tokyo with Joe DiMaggio. In later years, Katy Perry has been one of the first followers of this. Jim Carrey shares in a testimonial that acupuncture along with nutritional diet advice by Dr. Maoshing Ni has improved his general well being and over all state of health. Kim Kardashian in her patent style of sensationalizing things posed her needle poked face in Instagram, commenting she was just relaxing.

Acupuncture enters the world of Hollywood

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