Did You Know Your Acne Can Tell You Which Part Of Your Body Is Sick?

Acne or known by its scientific name acne vulgaris is a skin disorder that causes blackheads or whiteheads and pimples. Acne mostly affects oily skinned people and leave scars after they are gone. It usually occurs when dead skin clogs and blocks pores on the skin. Dealing with acne can be a lot for many people, especially if they are not sure how to prevent it or even reduce the number of breakouts they have. If this is affecting your daily life, doing some research could help you find that having a proper skincare routine and watching what you eat, could help manage your acne a lot better than before.


Acne can be natural but can also be caused by a bad lifestyle. Drinking, smoking, untidiness, etc can cause acne. Acne is usually seen during the puberty stage of life in both genders. There are treatments for it but before we jump to the treatments we need to tell you that your acne could be telling you something.

1How can acne tell us anything?

Acne can be caused naturally when a person hits puberty but it can also be a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. There are many tests dermatologists use to figure out the problems of the skin. Among the many tests, there is face mapping that tells dermatologists quite a lot about your body using your acne.

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2Is Acne natural?

Yes, for most of the population acne is quite natural. As the human body changes during puberty and chemical reactions reach their peak, acne can be seen. Acne can also be seen in people who have higher oil secretion by their oil glands. It usually stays for a few months or a year then disappears for not for everyone.

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3How can Acne be caused?

An unhealthy lifestyle, drugs or a sudden change in bodily chemicals can lead to acne. Drinking, smoking, and drugs can cause acne. When puberty hits, the hormones in the body increase and that is also the age when boys and girls become rebellious and try a bad lifestyle so the cause can be confused. Also, overworking and stress can be a trigger.

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4How does acne affect us?

Since most acne appears on our face and that is the first part of our body people see, acne can lead to anxiety and depression because of reduced self-esteem. This affects the mental health of an individual especially in today’s world, looking good at all times and the selfie-obsessed world.

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5What is Face Mapping?

Face mapping is a non-invasive and non-surgical way of understanding health problems. This technique was originally used by ancient Chinese healers. They were experts in this field who could detect major diseases and internal problems by just looking at the face and spotting acne patterns or dry skin areas.

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