A study reports says obesity can lead to memory loss!

Well, you always knew that being overweight puts you at risk for heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes, but could you ever think of obesity being connected to memory loss? Yes, a recent study has exposed that fatty foods affect your brain and being obese can lead to memory loss. In fact, both obesity and high blood pressure can lead to rapid mental decline over the age of 50. It can also lead to decrease of cognitive skills. In the past decade, studies have shown that the brains of obese people age 3.8 years more as compared to those with a healthy weight.


1 How being overweight can affect your brain?

Though it is really not clearly known, as to exactly how being overweight can cause brain atrophy. But, now this study says that obesity can lead to memory loss. Before delving into the details of the research, let us take a look at some of the causative factors that play a vital role in degeneration of the brain:

  • High blood pressure
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • High blood sugar level
  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor circulation
  • Lack of exercise
How being overweight can affect your brain?

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2 Why fat is bad for your brain?

Dr. Alexis Stranahan has been studying the relationship between weight and memory for more than 15 years and today, she is finally able to provide few of the first evidences that can rightly explain why fat is bad for your brain.

According to Dr. Stranahan, people who have type 2 diabetes and are obese are at three times higher risk of developing age related cognitive impairment. Moreover, excess of fat in the body results in inflammation in a cell known as microglia. This cell is designed in a way that it is able to cleanse the body off infections and trash. It helps to keep the neurons present in our brains healthy. But, once the cell meets inflammation, it is not able to get the right signals to perform its job.

Why fat is bad for your brain?

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Once you interfere with the metabolic processes as in the case of type 2 diabetes and obesity, you are likely to experience an effect on your brain mainly because the brain uses too much energy. Stranahan has said that memory loss usually starts off gradually and you can show signs like forgetting where you kept your keys. However, the progression can rise to other serious conditions such as dementia.


3 Some ray of hope!

Stranahan’s research has also paved the way for some good news.

Certain drugs like those useful for rheumatoid arthritis can actually help with the treatment of brain damage.


Stranahan has affirmed that all this is reversible. There are some therapeutics available in the market that can reduce inflammation in such conditions. These same drugs might also be helpful in obesity and prevent vulnerability to cognitive impairment.

Some ray of hope!

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4 Refrain from fatty foods for a healthy brain

If you want to have a healthy brain then switch out from high fatty foods and opt for healthier options. Include a lot of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and folic acid that are good for brain health. Plus they also aid in significantly decreasing the chances of memory loss that comes with growing age.

Your diet should include balanced quantities of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Remember, your brain is made up of 70% fat so it needs a good amount of healthy fats.

Refrain from fatty foods for a healthy brain

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5 How to achieve overall health?

Whenever we talk of health most people think it usually means losing weight to look better and fitting back into those old pair of jeans. However, this should not be the only reason to lose weight. Your overall health should be your topmost priority and that includes your brain health too. After all, your brain is the one that runs the whole show!


So you can reverse the deterioration of your brain by eating a nutritious diet, exercising and maintaining a healthy body weight.

How to achieve overall health?

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Exercise helps to increase blood circulation to the brain and even leads to the growth of new capillaries. It encourages brain derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF which facilitates the creation of new brain cells.


In fact, these are the best and real solutions that can combat the epidemic of Alzheimer’s and dementia, as it is obesity that is fuelling these epidemics. Moreover, there are no medical cures for these conditions so prevention is the key.


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