A single blood test can now help in detecting 5 major forms of cancer!

Cancer is a killer. Almost every person in the world has lost someone to cancer. What is the worst thing about this dreaded disease? It doesn’t really tell you when it strikes until it’s too late. In 2015 more than 1.6 million people were diagnosed for various types of cancer. In 2012, 8.2 million died from cancer worldwide.


Can we stop this rampaging disease? Hopefully yes! Thanks to the evolution of medical science and cancer research, a breakthrough has been achieved. Current cancer research is being carried out as we speak on a mammoth scale to fortify chemo and surgical procedures for arresting cancer development.

Now a new blood test has been derived with the ability of a single test to detect any of five major forms of cancer existing in your body.


1 Cancer research till date has even mapped cancer genes invading the body yet no cure

Scientific research has advanced to the extent of being able to observe cancer’s damaging path throughout the human cellular system. Cancer DNA can be mapped but till date there was no effective remedy to arrest stubborn cancer cells from attacking new ones. Research labs have the ability to observe cancerous cells moving through infected tumours.

Cancer research till date has even mapped cancer

Image Source: www.sdsc.edu

2 A new blood test may have the ability to mark the presence of five dangerous cancers

Hope for an ultimate cancer cure shouldn’t be ruled out despite progress being slow but meaningful. The new blood test uses the process of genetic marking. A gene marker is akin to a satellite and is used in various procedures involving genetics. It provides valuable information regarding inherited diseases, mutations and even lineage.

Scientists have now discovered a new gene marker with the ability to detect DNA Hypermethylation which provides insight into the pre activity of cancerous cells in the body.


This could possibly have a huge significance in the war against cancer

A new blood test may have the ability to mark the presence of five dangerous cancers

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3 The discovery of the new cancer gene marker will be a major weapon against cancer

Progressive research based on the new gene marker will mean that pathological testing will detect all of these five major types of cancer that kill people every day.

Breast Cancer

Statistics project 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in the USA alone where 246,660 new cases will be detected in 2016. Interpreting that figure on a global scale can be frightening. But!! There is hope in the new DNA marker which can identify breast cancer in its early stage.

Breast Cancer

Image Source: www.carolinashealthcare.org


4 Lung Cancer

Not many of the new generation may know that even famous people have struggled with lung cancer for many years. Famous movie star John Wayne battled lung cancer for 15 years till his death in 1979. Lung cancer projections in the USA stand at an alarming figure of 158,000 people in 2016. However, if detected early by the new blood test, the fatality rate can be reduced to a considerable extent.

Lung Cancer

Image Source: www.medscape.com

5 Colon Cancer

Colorectal cancer affects the colon and even the rectum. In most cases it is malignant and commences form polyps in the colon. Former American President Ronald Reagan had two feet managed to survive colon cancer after surgery. Colorectal cancer is the third major cancer that affects people worldwide.

Image Source: www.suncoastsurgicalassociates.com

Image Source: www.suncoastsurgicalassociates.com

6 Stomach Cancer

Napoleon Bonarparte died of stomach cancer and so did many famous people in history. Stomach cancer can be painful in its last stages. Many people confuse the early stages of stomach cancer with symptoms of gastric and common stomach problems. Also known as gastric cancer, it eats away the lining of the stomach.

Stomach Cancer

Image Source: www.medscape.com


7 Endometrial Cancers

Thousands of women worldwide undergo hysterectomies due to endometrial cancer. In the US, endometrial cancer is projected to kill almost 10,000 people in 2016.

Endometrial Cancers

Image Source: www.cancer.gov

8 Ecstasy among cancer research fraternity

Scientists are overjoyed at the major breakthrough of the gene marker. Research team leader Laura Elnitski proclaimed the breakthrough from research at the US National Human Genome Research Institute. The study has been published in the Journal of molecular diagnostics and gives immense hope to those who may have cancer.

Ecstasy among cancer research fraternit

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